Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hillary vs. the Xbox: Game over

The whole uproar in the states brewing around the HotCoffee is really getting out of hand. Politicians left, right and center are jumping on the "Games are corrupting our youth" band wagon and making it their next puritan crusade. I mean give me a break!

When I came across this L.A. Times article, I was very much surprised and even more delighted. In "Hillary vs. the Xbox: Game over". The author of the article brilliantly and sarcastically makes his point. I could not agree more with him. Finally, a member of the press that does his investigating, and avoid regurgitating the same stupidity about video games making violently vicious predators out of us.

For all you parents, grand-parents or anti-gaming crusaders out there, do yourselves a favor, read the article, and then go and discuss it with your kids.