Saturday, January 02, 2016

Weekly | Monthly | Yearly Wrap-up :: W52 - 2015

Well, though we are technically in the new year, this IS the end of the last week of 2015, the end of the month and year. As such, it's an opportunity for me to review things and get the house in order as we set forth into 2016.

Let's run the number for this blog, even though some of them are pretty shameful:

  • 7 posts in 2015
  • 3 failed attempts to restart this blog over the last 2 years
  • 1 EVE Blog Banter Participation
  • 1 Weekly Wrap-Up (2 if you include this one)
  • 521 pageviews - 344 visitors
    • food for thought: to put things in perspective my last active year - 2011 - this blog had 152k pageviews. 
Yeah, this stinks!

On  the positive sides of thing, I've been focusing most of my activity on Twitter, where a lot of the conversation is taking place these times. And here, the numbers are much more interesting:

  • December 2015: 109k impressions - 231 tweets - 1,676 profile visits
  • November 2015: 70.3 impressions - 120 tweets - 1,131 profile visits
But I'm finding more and more the need to go beyond the simple 140 character limit of Twitter and use a platform such as this blog to elaborate on various topics, aggregate interesting content, share and review films and books, and write about other matters. 

As such, I'm setting a goal - it's that time of year isn't it! - for January and promise to do my darn best to post once a day. I started writing this post on January 2nd at 11:47pm and though I'll be posting it a little past midnight, it still counts!

What I've got in the works:
  • Gaming goals for the year
  • Book reading goals and monthly review
  • Teaching MiniMe (who's now in first grade) and his older sister all about PC Gaming - and writing about it
  • Writing about my passion for "The Art of" books, and the Concept Artists behind them
  • Movie, Book and Game Reviews
  • Cleaning up the mess I made by letting go and having to register and use instead (will need to go through every post on this blog and manually update any reference pointing to .com and switch it to .ca - Go me!!)
  • Coming up  with a new Blog Banter
  • Writing about the slow and painful upgrade of this 6 year old gaming PC
  • And much much more...

Expect the regular weekly wrap-up to be back next week-end.

See ya tomorrow you ol' farts!