Saturday, March 26, 2011

EVE Fanfest 2011 Trailer: "EVE - A Future Vision"

This latest video from CCP was shown at the "CCP Presents" keynote to a standing ovation. It was shown a second time after everyone got up a second and shouted: FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH! at Hilmar's request! His request to the capsuleers, whether at Fanfest or watching it via the stream: "Please Help us spread the word about EVE!".

WARNING: This video kicks ass!!!

Told you so! So go ahead, put it up on Facebook, then call your grandma to tell her about it!

EVE Fanfest 2011: An Experience Like No Other

The Fanfest 2011 has been in full swing for the last few days and though my first experience here, back in 2008, was memorable, this year's Fanfest is something beyond my expectations. No, I'm not talking about the CCP panels, round tables and awesome content and announcements that have been made over the last 2 days, or later today - looking forward to the CCP Presents keynote.

In this picture: Roc Wieler (by himself, of course!) Back row: Boris Hotch, Manasi, Song LiGigaerPrano,
Mandrill, DavidKMagnus. Front row: Quivering Palms, Seismic Stan & Luminous Aardokay
What makes this particular Fanfest special for me, as opposed to the previous, is meeting all these amazing people that I've been interacting with over the last 2 and a half years.

I mean, just look at the happy faces on these folks above - for a picture of me with them taken by the Roc, see here! Though blogging, the TweetFleet and our podcasts are amazing ways of interacting and building a community of like minded folks who are passionate about the world of New Eden, nothing beats getting together in "meat space" and sharing good laughs and a few pints! Hell, meeting the Roc in person is worth the travel alone!

I've finished uploading the photos I've taken so far and will be adding descriptions and more photos over the next few days. With all these folks here, I haven't had the time and opportunity to provide daily reports like I did during my previous Fanfest. I know that some of the EVE Bloggers here have done, and I'll be putting a list in a later post.

For now though, I've got to head over to the venue as the third and final day of EVE Fanfest is already in full swing! And then there's that little get together called the "Party at the Top of the World"


Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Video: What if this was a glimpse of DUST 514? [VIDEO]

I'll be honest, I'm getting antsy for some DUST 514 news. Real news. We've been teased by CCP far too many times, and have yet seen any concrete footage of game play. Yeah, yeah, so there was that trailer back in October of 2009, but since then nada! Nothing. I'm really hoping that we'e gonna get some major updates at Fanfest, or else I'm flying off with Nathan's Beer ship and holding it for ransom!

Until then, I'll squint my eyes and imagine this Battlefield 3 video as some DUST 514 trailer. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Damn! If DUST 514 looks anything like this, I might never go back to the MMO. Ok, that might be pushing it, but I'm definitely getting Battlefield 3, for sure!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Getting to know your surroundings is crucial after a move!

Having recently moved about 30 jumps from Heimatar to the Tash-Murkon region, I'm now settling in to my new home base system of Pimebeka. It's where Phoenix Labs has made it's HQ, though we're still listed as being based out of Khanid Prime. A system and region I'm much more familiar with. Stuck between DOMAIN, KADOR and KHANID, TASH-MURKON is a region I've never really gotten to know, despite my 7 years of EVE. Getting my bearings quickly will be crucial.

That's something I always like to do when I establish myself in a new area of New Eden which I'm not familiar with. And whether you use the EVE Strategic Map like me, or @Wollari's DOTLAN EveMaps (which I also use by the way), learning all you can about the systems, belts, stations and surroundings is essential to safely navigating space.

I haven't had the time or opportunity to join any corp events since moving back to PPL, but I have taken a few trips beyond Pimebeka, learning various routes and getting to know a few agents. Hopefully, I'll get to know the neighborhood well rather quickly.

What about you? Have you moved around a lot, or have you stayed within the same region within New Eden?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Eden Chronicles Episode #02 - CCP Dev Interviews

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Date: Recorded on Thursday February 24th, 2011
Hosts: CrazyKinux, Memoocan
Guests: CCP Daishi, CCP Manifest

This special episode was originally supposed to have a few segments, including the only one that made it in the final episode. At almost 90 minutes, the interview that Memoocan and I did, managed to take over the whole show, and as such no other segments were recorded. Interviewed during this show were Mike Read, aka CCP Daishi, who is Director of Events and Convetions at CCP Games, and Ned Coker, aka CCP Manifest, the man behind most of EVE Online's PR!

During the show we had a chance to learn how both of them managed to infiltrate the Icelandic behemoth that is CCP Games today, and it made for some great story telling - then again, Mike is well known to enjoy telling a good story, his story! We also covered CCP's new willingness to help out Fan gatherings and other community driven initiatives. Mike was/is all over that one! A good chunk of time was also spent talking about PAX East 2011 and EVE Fanfest 2011 (#evefanfest), both of which are coming up in over the next 2 weeks.

Overall a great show!

-- Here are the various links mentioned during the show--

How to reach Mike: