Sunday, September 30, 2007

EVE Online Fan Fest 2007 Teaser

For those lucky enough to attend this year's EVE Online Fan Fest, here's a teaser of what to expect!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Halo virus has struck!

Wow, another week gone by and still no post. What the hell is going on you maybe asking yourself? Well on September 25th, last Tuesday, Halo 3 came out, and I've been victim of this virus since then! Seems I'm not the only EVE player who's been struck down!

Though I'm really into it, and won't be able to finish the game in one sitting, like of you out there, I'll be playing on and off EVE until then. So in the mean time, please bare with me. Please!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Change is in the air...

Since I've been back from Amsterdam, I've barely played EVE, except to set a new skill. At first I wondered why. Why, even though I longed to play the game while away, did I not find interest now that I had the time.

And then it struck me. Boredom. Since my return to Phoenix Labs, I've seen the corp crumble to a mere shadow of itself. Over the last few weeks, every time I've logged in, I was either alone, or with other corp mates who were afk. And with FIX in constant wars left and right, that left me stuck in various systems, with little to do. Now we did try to get things going again, but it's been happening at a crawl.

It was time for me to come to a decision. Stick around some more, or cut the chase, grab my things and head out there to make a name for myself. Ok, that may be too theatrical, but you get the picture.

I've mentioned in the past my desire to start up a mercantile operation - a trading corporation that would navigate through empire space and lowsec, and reap the riches doing so. Well I think this time has come. I'm thinking of dusting off the old chart of the corporation I had founded way back when, and start trading in goods again. I'll need to reread the trading articles in those 3 EON issues; sell some of the stuff I've got lying in Querious and head over back to Gallente space to establish the new corp.

Any way that's the plan.

Having said that, I should now return to my regular posting schedule for the next few weeks.

So stay tuned!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm back and ready to get back to business

After almost a 2 weeks hiatus I'm back home and ready to start posting again! I took the weekend off and barely touch the PC. I must say it's refreshing to do so. But now, EVE is calling me again, like a mermaid singing her melodies, she's begging me for attention.

Looking forward to renew with you and continue the conversations we left off 2 weeks back.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Hi folks! Just wanted to let know why I hadn't done any posts recently. I'm writing this post, sitting in my hotel room, overlooking Rambrendtplein in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I'm here on business for IBC 2007 for the whole show. I plan to be back next week, so don't expect any major updates until then.

In the mean time fly safe!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Crazy Monday: Sigg Jones CG Movie

Mondays, back to work, to school, maybe a stressful time for some of us. So starting this week, I've taken upon me to add a bit of diversity and fun to this mostly EVE Online blog. It's kind of ironic that I would choose Labour Day, a Monday which is off for most of my readers to start, still, I've decided to have this new weekly post series every Monday to share with you the oddities that I come across in my meanderings.

For this first Crazy Monday post, here is a great CG Movie made by 3 students at Supinfocom School in France: Sigg Jones. I would love to see one made for EVE - a bit of in station ambulation and ship combat. Now that would be great!

Thanks to Geeks are Sexy for pointing it out!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

CrazyKinux's Musing: Looking back at August 2007

Well August has come and gone, and what a month this was. The Post-a-day challenge is now over, and though I know I wasn't able to do exactly that (that is, make at least one post everyday), I still did achieve my second goal, which was to increase my overall posts for the month. I haven't started looking at all the other blogs which I challenged, but I'll get to it in a post or two (patience young Wilhelm!), and post the winner!

Now, let's have a look at August shall we!

  • 26 posts
  • 1 poll
  • 11,326 pageviews
  • 7000 visitors
  • 1,255 returning visitors
If we compare that to July we're looking at an increase of 44% in page views, 29% in visitors and 45% in returning visitors. During that month my Technorati Authority went from 5 to 23, and I managed to come up below the million mark on Alexa Rank - Mmm, come up below sounds so weird!

One of the highlights of this month was getting one of my posts - My extensive EVE Online wish list - mentioned and reviewed by the charming fellows of Warp Drive Active in Podcast #8. Thanks to Urban Mungral and fellow Canadian, Winterblink for there review. Your critique is much appreciated!

So back to our statistic, I wish I could tell you which post brought in the most hits, but since I'm on Blogger, I don't have that functionality. If you're using this same blogging platform and know of a way to get these stats, then please let me know.

I think that I've managed to find a good balance between playing EVE and reporting about it. I still owe you a few posts on my Myrmidon and I promise to do so as soon as possible. So here's to September and more quality posts.