Sunday, April 20, 2008

EVE Online Blogroll lovefest!

Last Update: March 16th, 2011  ---  Recently Added: 11  ---  Recently Removed: 0

I thought I'd also add the blogs of fellow EVE players as a searchable post. It'll be easier for them to show up in searches. If you know, or have, an EVE Online blog and keep it updated regularly, then please let me know and I'll add to this post and the blogroll.
  1. 8 to Infinity Bit Gaming's Thoughts and Ramblings 
  2. 99 Red Beacons 
  3. .5 or Higher!
  4. /random
  5. A "CareBears" Journey
  6. A Ghost Blog
  7. A Grim Journey
  8. A Missioneer in Eve <-- New URL
  9. A Mule in EVE
  10. A Prayer for Freedom
  11. A Reaper in EvE 
  12. A Scientist's Life in Eve 
  13. A Scout's Domain 
  14. A Vasty Nothingness
  15. Achernar: eve
  16. Addicted to EvE
  17. Adventures in Mission Running
  18. Adventures of a Clone and His Pod (The)
  19. Adventures of Eirellle (The)
  20. Aeon's EVE
  21. Aeroxe's Assault 
  22. Agent EVE
  23. Aggressive Tendencies 
  24. Akikio's plog
  25. All Alone In The Night 
  26. Amieta's Journal
  27. Ancient Gaming Noob (The)
  28. An Amarrian Capsuleer 
  29. A rabbit's adventures 
  30. Ardent Defender 
  31. Ashireka's Adventures In EVE
  32. Astral's EVE Trial by Fire 
  33. Autopilot Disabled
  34. Axinex - Miner, Maker, Hunter 
  35. Bacardi and Quafe
  36. Baling Wire and Girders
  37. Bald Buccaneer (The)
  38. Bastards (The) - VB Sarge
  39. Black Rabbits Hole (The) 
  40. Blastrad tales 
  41. Beginnings of Piracy (The) 
  42. Biomassed, Perplexed and Langour
  43. Bitter Old Noob
  44. Blacklight
  45. Blackshell Ship Log 
  46. Blastrad tales 
  47. Blood-Thirsty Miner
  48. Boom! Hull-Shot? 
  49. Break Vol
  50. Breakin' Rocks In the Hot Sun... <-- New Blog
  51. Broadside
  52. Brutor Bullfighter 
  53. Burrito's Quest to Universal Domination
  54. Caels Caldanhai, Inc.
  55. Caldarian's Kanji Travellar
  56. Capsuleer 
  57. Captain Serenity 
  58. Captains Log (The)
  59. Carebear in Disguise
  60. Cataclysmic Variable (The) 
  61. Center for the Regression of the Human Condition 
  62. Chimps in Space
  63. Citadel Enterprise 
  64. Clan Oriana (The) 
  65. Cle Demaari: Citizen
  66. Cogito Ergo Yarr
  67. Congo Free State
  68. Confessions of a Closet Carebear 
  69. Confounded Capsuleer 
  70. Corp of None
  71. Corpse Collection Point
  72. Costolle Military Assistance Corp
  73. CrazyKinux's Musing <== THIS BE MINE!!
  74. Criminally Yours
  75. Cyberea - Personal Log <-- New Blog
  76. Deadly Nightshade
  77. DeafPlasma's EVE Musings
  78. Death's Sweetest Kiss
  79. Declarations of War - Revisited
  80. Deep Space Transponder
  81. Defias Blog (The)
  82. Demigodess with a Conscience 
  83. Dense Veldspar
  84. Depths Unknown 
  85. Destination: Cruel World 
  86. Developer Updates
  87. Diary of a Bored Spaceman 
  88. Diary of a Garbageman 
  89. Diary of a Pod Pilot 
  90. Diary of a Space Jockey
  91. Dobbers View (The) 
  92. Doubt the Stars 
  93. Down The Rabbit Hole 
  94. Drew Jerac's Log 
  95. Drifting through the Stars
  96. Duct Tape Engineering V 
  97. Durzo Chronicles (The) <-- New Blog
  98. Dwarf In W-Space (A) 
  99. Easley Thames 
  100. Easy Company 
  101. Ecliptic Rift 
  102. eddiesleaze
  103. Edge of the Galaxy 
  104. Enrage Merc (The) 
  105. Escape Velocity
  106. Escoce - EVE Trader
  107. Et Tu, Brutus? 
  108. EVE A to Z 
  109. Eve Blasphemy 
  110. Eve-cast 
  111. EVE Chick
  112. EvE Chronicles by Von Richtburg
  113. EVE Fail Posting
  114. EVE Hub
  115. EVE Illectrocuted 
  116. EVE is broken
  117. EVE Journey
  118. EVE Maps
  119. EVE Network News
  120. EVE Newb
  121. EVE on Real Life 
  123. Eve Online Day By Day <-- New Blog
  124. EVE Online Pictures
  125. EVE Online Portal (The)
  126. EVE Online Postcards
  127. EVE Online Reviewed 
  128. Eve Online Strategy 
  129. EVE Online Trader
  130. EVE Online Wormholes
  131. Eve Opportunist 
  132. EVE's Parity Bit 
  133. EVE SOB 
  134. EVE Ventures 
  135. EVE What?! 
  136. EVE-Pirate
  137. EVE-Sweden
  138. EvE-Toast 
  139. EVE-Yarr
  140. EVEolutions
  141. EVEtastic 
  142. EVE's Weekend Warrior
  143. EvilFree's EVE Online Blog 
  144. Exiles's Flight 
  145. ExtraVehicular 
  146. Facepalm's Ramblings
  147. Faction Warfare Military Career Center 
  148. Faint Resolution
  149. Fang (The) 
  150. Fiddler's Edge 
  151. Finders & Keepers
  152. Finraer's Folly
  153. Flashresh - A Pirate
  154. Flee on Sight 
  155. Fly Reckless
  156. Flying Free - Formely Known as Tyrodia's EvE Blog 
  157. Flyin On The Edge 
  158. Flying Rust <-- New Blog
  159. Free2Kill 
  160. Freebooted
  161. Friends of Sharuveil
  162. FTLOL Corp
  163. Genius? Insane? I Prefer Visionary
  164. Ghosts Report (The) 
  165. Grieflogs 
  166. Gun Turret Diplomacy 
  167. Hallo, Can I Violence UR Boat? 
  168. Hardcore Casual
  169. Helicity Boson
  170. House Theodoulos (The)
  171. Hydrostatic Capsule (The) 
  172. I am Keith Neilson
  173. I am ... Micheal Malone 
  174. I May Find Peace Within The Emptiness 
  175. I will bring salvation to my people
  176. I will try to find my place
  177. Im Wurmloch
  178. Inanity and Doom
  179. Independent Analyst (The) 
  180. Industrialisms
  181. Infection Vector
  182. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
  183. Insanity by Increments - E-UNI Logistics 
  184. Inside of nowhere (The)
  185. Interstellar Privateer 
  186. Into The Pink 
  187. Into the Unknown
  188. Into the unknown with gun and camera
  189. It's a miner's life for me
  190. It's Not About Living Forever 
  191. Ivy League & EVE University
  192. Jae's Journal <-- New Blog
  193. Janet Davy - Piracy Logs 
  194. Journeys of a Baroque Pilot 
  195. Jump On Contact 
  196. Jumping through wormhole
  197. Just a Girl in her Thorax
  198. Kallaran's Blog
  199. Kane Rizzel - A Pirate's Perspective
  200. Katana in the Swirling Blackness 
  201. Kill Ten Rats
  202. Kirith Darkblade - EVE Pirate
  203. Kokuryu - An EVE Pirate Blog
  204. Krispy's Korner « My little EVE space 
  205. Kyle Langdon's Journeys in EVE
  206. Lab Utopia 
  207. Lady in Space
  208. Laedy in Red 
  209. Latro's Bunker 
  210. Letrange's EVE Blog
  211. Letters from the Front <-- New Blog
  212. Let's All Kill My Brother 
  213. Life among Pirates - The Romance and the Reality
  214. Life in EvE 
  215. Life in Low Sec
  216. Life in my Hole 
  217. Life is Cheap 
  218. Life Most Ordinary (A) 
  219. Life Of a Caldari
  220. Life of a Coolguy 
  221. Life of a Dead Jester (The) 
  222. Life of a Pirate Queen (The)
  223. Life of a Student (The) 
  224. Light of the Stars (The) 
  225. Life, the Universe and Everthing
  226. Linked Dreams 
  227. Living A Lie
  228. Log of a Black Ops Pilot
  229. Logs of a Brutor
  230. Lolion Reglo's Captains log
  231. Lord Zekk's Yaarmachine 
  232. Lost in New Eden 
  233. Lost In Space 
  234. Loyalist (The)
  235. Lub's PvP adventures
  236. Mad Rant
  237. Make way for the fail train
  238. Making Iskies in Eve 
  239. Maniacle Machinations
  240. Matari Reflections
  241. Max Torps' Blog
  242. Merry Life and a Short One (A)
  243. Miner's Blues 
  244. Misguided Adventurer (A)
  245. Money or Meteors
  246. Morphisat's Blog
  247. Munich Mataris
  248. Musings of a Casual Industrialist 
  249. MushskiC's Marshmallow Mountain 
  250. My Life in EVE
  251. nanonyous' EVE and CG den 
  252. Nashh Kadavrs EVE Blog
  253. Necro's World
  254. Nemesis Nation
  255. New Eden according to the Prophet
  256. New Eden Experience (The) 
  257. Ninja Hi-Jinx 
  258. Ninjas and Pirates and Stuff 
  259. Nosce te ipsum
  260. No War Too Small 
  261. Norse for Courses 
  262. Nukes Thoughts
  263. Nullsec Carebear
  264. Nursultan's Pirate Blag
  265. Odinsdagrting
  266. Ombeve
  267. OMG! You're a Chick?! 
  268. Omnis Arcanum of EVE 
  269. One Tired EVE Pilot
  270. One-Man-and-His-POD 
  271. One Unit of Prop Comic 
  272. Onei Robotics 
  273. Onslaughts of an Outlawed 
  274. Ore, Pirates, and Pods 
  275. Orphaned in Eve 
  276. Other Side (The)
  277. Our EvE
  278. Out of Sinq
  279. Oz's House of Evil Dead
  280. Panicking and EVE 
  281. perbastet
  282. Persephone's YarrJournal
  283. Personal Files, Ciarente Roth
  284. Phaze-9
  285. The Phoenix Diaries - The diaries of a capsuleer (and associates) 
  286. Pirate Kaya (The)
  287. Pocket Pairs & Pod Pilots
  288. Pod Blog 
  289. Pod Cast!
  290. Pod Journal (The) 
  291. Pod Splatter 
  292. Podded: The EVE Online podcast for you!
  293. Podlogs
  294. POS Life 
  295. postings from the edge
  296. Prano's Journey 
  297. private files: Hakatain_YVG:0453365
  298. Progression's Horizon 
  299. Punishment
  300. Purely Business <-- New Blog
  301. pΘtshΘt
  302. Qash In Eve 
  303. Rackin' up Bad Karma 
  304. Ralpha Dogs (The)
  305. Random Drivel
  306. Random Posts from Auga 
  307. Rants of a Jaded Miner <-- New Blog
  308. rantuket 
  309. Reckless Rifter (The) 
  310. Recon Report (The) 
  311. Red Vs Blue 
  312. Reformed Anti-Pirate (The)  
  313. Republic of Tyrants 
  314. Rettic's Log: The Chronofile
  315. Revolting Carebears 
  316. Rifter Drifter
  317. Roc's Ramblings
  318. Road to Recovery (The)
  319. Roving Drone (The) 
  320. Rum and Ransom: Journals of a Space Pirate 
  321. Rustbucket Outlaw (The) 
  322. Sand Box Journals (The) 
  323. Scary Door (The)
  324. Scrap Metal & Faction Ammo 
  325. Scram Web 
  326. Scuttlebutt 
  327. Semper EVE
  328. Sequential EVE
  329. Serious Thukking Business 
  330. Shaymac: Lowsec Lay-about 
  331. Silver Night's Fiction
  332. Skillpoints 
  333. Skyes Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog! Wait what?
  334. Sleepless in Space 
  335. Smart Fun with Big Guns
  336. Smokes Black Aces
  337. Soft Diamond 
  338. Sooner or Later
  339. (German)
  340. Speed Fairy
  341. Surviving within the Void
  342. Sweet Little Bad Girl
  343. Tai One On
  344. Tales of a Low Sec Pirate
  345. Taliac Mining 
  347. Tech 2 Duct Tape 
  348. Tetras Eve Blog 
  349. Thinker's Pod (The) 
  350. Thoughts from an Accidental Minmatar Revolutionary
  351. Thoughts from The Void 
  352. To Boldly Go <-- New URL
  353. Touching the Heavens - Crorono 
  354. Travels of Black Claw (The)
  355. Travels of The Ronin 
  356. Tul's Sapce Stories 
  357. Tulirs Ramblings 
  358. Tuskers Public Relations (The)
  359. Undarum & Crew 
  360. Uninvited But Not Unloved 
  361. Van Hemlock :: EVE Online
  362. VelociLogic
  363. Venom's Bite
  364. Victoria Aut Mors 
  365. Vive Virtual
  366. Votrian's EVE Blog
  367. Wandering Druid of Tranquility (The) 
  368. Wandering the Void…my EvE musings <-- New Blog
  369. War and Politics 
  370. Way of the Gun <-- New Blog
  371. WH - Dwellers 
  372. Where ever I may roam
  373. Where the frack is my ship 
  374. Wild at Heart
  375. Winterblink: EVE
  376. Woe (The) 
  377. Wotlankor - Warpdrive Initiated
  378. X1376's Space Odyssey
  379. Yarr Yum
  380. Yarrbear Tales
  381. Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!
  382. Yosagi Yojimbo 
  383. Your Money or Your Life
  384. Zargyl - A Sebiestor Scholar 
  385. zealot (the) 
  386. Zen and the Art of Internet Spaceship Maintenance
  387. Zero Kelvin
  • September 5th, 2009: Removed all Gamescribe blogs since its shutdown.
  • September 26th, 2009: Added a bunch of new blogs!
  • October 5th, 2009: Updated A Mule in EVE's URL
  • October 8th, 2009: Major overhaul of the two lists, which I've merged back into one master list (Podlogs blogs and the rest of the EVE Blogs). I'll be adding more blogs soon and tweaking the existing list!
  • November 4th, 2009: Added a few new blogs, removed some duplicates and updated the URLs of a few.
  • December 6th, 2009: Added a bunch of new blogs! Welcome to the family guys!
  • March 18th, 2010: Added 22 new blogs!
  • March 19th, 2010: Added 12 more!
  • March 21st, 2010: Added the last 17 missing blogs!
  • March 31st, 2010: Added 7 new blogs.
  • June 22nd, 2010: Added 33 new blogs. OMG!
  • July 2nd, 2010: 9 new blogs added.
  • August 4th, 2010: Updated Zargyl's URL
  • September 3rd, 2010: Removed outdated blogs and added new ones.
  • September 9th, 2010: More blogs added!
  • September 23rd, 2010: Added new blogs!
  • November 11th, 2010: Removed over a 100 dead blogs.
  • November 12th, 2010: Added 17 new blogs.
  • November 19th, 2010: Updated the URL of 2 blogs
  • November 27th, 2010: Added 4 new blogs!
  • December 22nd, 2010: Added Brutor Bullfighter.
  • December 24th, 2010: Added Thoughts from The Void
  • February 14, 2011: Added a bunch of new blogs!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kinux.

Love this site!

I have a blog on and there's a few blogs on my blog list that you don't have.

Also, my friend Flashfresh keeps a cool pirate blog on:



CrazyKinux said...

Wow! Good that you picked it up. I was sure to have added you. As you can see I've also added a plethora (I love using that word!) of new links. All because of you!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping /random on the list! Even though I'm not currently playing Eve, I'm sure I'll be referencing it pretty often. I still think it's the most interesting mmorpg on the market right now. Some of their ideas are so far ahead of the mainstream mmorpg curve that I don't think CCP's contribution to the development of the mmorpg genre is fully appreciated yet.

CrazyKinux said...

A pleasure Rick.

I just find your point of view refreshing. Pulls me in directions I'd never go by myself. It's nice to be able to pull back from something you've invested so much time in once in a while, and look at it from a different perspective.

Your blog does that for me!


Pegleg Punk said...

Hello there, good sir! I recently stumbled across an interesting blog called Yaryum. I thought it would be a welcome addition to your ever growing list of data streams!

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Pegleg, will add it shortly!

Anonymous said...

Could you please be so kind as to add the story I have working...

Defender of the Faith

CrazyKinux said...

@Edward - Added to the list! Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the link.

EVE Blogroll OPML file has been updated to reflect the new additions from here.

Keystone said...

Awesome list!!! ^^

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Keystone!

Jenni Concarnadine said...

Would Baling Wire and Girders, at
be of interest ?

CrazyKinux said...

@Jenni - Oh definitely!

Anonymous said...

Can you please add my MMORPG blog..

Anonymous said...

The updated OPML download file for the all blogs listing is available at

Jenni and Mopar63 included.

CrazyKinux said...

@Mopar63 - Done! Welcome mate.

@Ga'len - thanks for the OPML file linky!

Anonymous said...

^^ Swedish/english blog/fansite

CrazyKinux said...

@Mr Goldfish - Added! Welcome to the EVE Blogging Community!

YoMma said...

Thanks very much for the add matey! Keep up the sterling work!

Anonymous said...

CK, here are a few more to add:

That makes 99, 1 more and we have something to really celebrate, 100 blogs that are EVE related!!!

Anonymous said...

WE HAVE 100 BLOGS!!!!!

CrazyKinux said...

Woohoo!!! Party Time! Thanks Ga'len for those finds!

Anonymous said...

Exciting times! Very glad to be a part of this growing community!

Anonymous said...

My blog has gone from Warhammer to Eve-Online after realizing that WAR was, infact, just another WoW clone and EVE is the only MMO that's different and worth playing anymore.

CrazyKinux said...

@nerrollus - Welcome mate!! Glad to have you on board. You're No.102!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey CK. I was wondering if it would be possible to add my blog ( to the blogroll? I already have a link to the blogroll on my site, so no need to ask :D

acolite (dronbay listener, blog reader, and twitter follower :D)

CrazyKinux said...

@acolite - Site added mate. Thanks for dropping by and for the linkies on your site!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how internet-cool it is to bang my own drum but... think you could add to this lovely list?

Already linked to this blogroll :)

Shaun Livingstone (yes, *the* Shaun Livingstone)

Anonymous said...

CK, Ombeve has changed hosts, the link for his blog has also changed. The new link is: OPML download ( updated with his change and added Semper EVE and Protosolus.

Welcome aboard guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, just so you know... the link you put to Protosolus is actually wrong ;D.

You've put, and its actually just

Just thought I'd point it out, as your link doesn't work


CrazyKinux said...

Updated the list with new URLs for ENN and Ombeve! Thanks Ga'len!

CrazyKinux said...

...and Protosolus!

CrazyKinux said...

...and Wotlankor! People, stop this! I'm getting dizzy with all these changes!

Carole Pivarnik said...

CK how about adding another female pirate's blog? She's really hilarious, and definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK haha. Super Gamer Housewife TURBO! at

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Mynxee for the find! =)

I've also added a second one found through my EVE-o forum post.

CrazyKinux said...

Added two more! 108 blogs, who would have thought!

Anonymous said...

Mynxee mentions another one in one of her blog posts: Ramblings of a Bastard: Quiet Weekends. And from there you find VB Sarge's blog called The Bastards - VB Sarge.

CrazyKinux said...

Added The Bastards. Thanks to Mynxee and Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

The OPML Download ( has been updated, 112 blogs. Wow, it's growing soo fast!!!

Dwindlehop said...

I've got a blog about 0.0 piracy in Great Wildlands and nearby regions.

Javier Lopez said...

Wow 113 blogs...well might as well add my recently started blog: Joc: The Space Bandito

Another one from the Tuskers Corporation :)

CrazyKinux said...

@Joc - Added! Welcome mate!

Dwindlehop said...

Thanks for the link, but ack, it's "Uninvited But Not Unloved" (and not uninvolved). :)

CrazyKinux said...

Oops! Made the correction. Sorry about that Jonathan!

Anonymous said...

Its new, its just starting, and its mine. I'll probably have format changes tonight and some good content to get us going.

CrazyKinux said...

Added! Welcome mate!

Jaggins said...

Thanks for adding Vive Virtual to the EVE Blogroll! The EVE blogging community is responsible for my current addiction to New Eden, and you can take credit for a huge percentage of that, CrazyKinux!

CrazyKinux said...

@Jaggins - Glad to have you on board! Keep up the great work!

KnitterMolly said...

I have a blog going about my life as a new pirate called Blackheart Pirate:

Anonymous said...


I'd appreciate if you could add my blog to your list please:

Anthony said...

What a great list.

Feel free to add my blog. It's not a new blog but it's only recently become EVE centric.

Idle Chatter

Thanks Mate

Armas said...

Wow. thanks for this list. I find that reading blogs about Eve is the next best thing to playing.

Feel free to add my Blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me CK. It's great to be a part of the community.

Heinz Kraessler said...

Your blogroll is a superb idea. Feel free to add my blog to it.

MercenaryMuffin said...

Hello everyone, I was pointed here by Ga'len. I'm blogging my way through the Eve universe as the ultimate space can follow me at:

Hope you all enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

MercenaryMuffin, I have added you to the OPML download, it will get some blog post loving on the posted additions update for 12--31-2008.

Anthony said...

Hey Crazy. This is the owner of Idle Chatter. I decided that I needed to break my EVE blog away from my personal blog so please change my blog to

Also, anyone interested in moving their blog to Please check out the website to see how!

Anthony (Arkanis VonBerra)

Anonymous said...

New EvE Blog Started:

Ascipen said...

Hey Kinux, just found this lil' area and was wondering if I could get my blog up there. ;_; Writing for myself isn't as fun as previously believed.


CarpeMike said...

Hey CrazyKinux,

I have just started a new blog, commemorating my return to Eve after a break of about nine months and the trials and tribulations of being and 'alt' and dealing with your 'main' employer.

My blog can be found at

Thanks in advance for inclusion on the list, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

CrazyKinux said...

Will be adding your blog to tomorrow's Speedlinking post. Let me know if I somehow missed yours!

Conrado said...

Hi, I've just opened up a Tech 3 Industry and Wormhole Exploration Blog on

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Sr. Crazy....can I get an addy to this very very very killer list?


Kevin Prier said...

Thanks for making this community what it is!

My blog, titled "New Eden According to Prophet", is at

Please add me to the blogroll :)

I'll be readin' ya.


Chiana Moro said...


I started a blog at
with a slightly pretentious title, as I'm very new to the game - but it seems like a great thing!


Anonymous said...

Maugrim McFiriba is now broadcasting his misadventures from

Anonymous said...

Quite nice list tbh, found a lot of interesting blogs to add to my personal 'reading' list =P

You could add my lil blog located at to your list :)

Thx for the list - Greetings, Ash

Mer Mann said...


my noobie pirate blog is at



Yargok said...

It seems the bloggers is popping up like pirates to a noobship in a belt.

Oops another one!

CrazyKinux said...

Got a bunch of new blogs to add! Will do so shortly!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your list! It inspired me to start my own about my new industrial character. It is both in character and out.

I would appreciate a link, but if you want to wait a bit its understandable.

Gamer said...

lots of blog and thanks for new blogs...truly thanks for updating all the blogs name....

zantharis said...

Hi CrazyKinux -- big fan of your blog and The Drone Bay -- just wanted to let you know I've started my own EVE blog, which you can find here: If you like it, I would appreciate an addition to the famed blogroll.

Melindhra said...

Hi CrazyKinux, I just found your blog today via some Blog Banter posts around the interwebz. Can you please add my blog to your list? It's brand new as of yesterday.

sebrightman said...

Warm regards CK,

Macs in EvE ( is still active as a community site, but I'm not updating the blog there very much.

On the other hand, since I've turned to a life of crime, I am journaling the carnage on

Thanks for the good work!

Mer Mann said...

Thanks for adding me to the list! I added the list to my sidebar and made a post about it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, with much hard work, we have a new OPML update, This has all the new blogs listed here as well as a few more that I have learned about. I have emailed all the new blogs that CK is missing from his listing so that our two lists match. Please note, some blogs are NOT in the OPML as their RSS feeds are not working.

EVE Agent said...

Hey, I just started a new blog May 1 and I wanted to mention it here in case anyone wants to follow it. I talk about how I play EVE and, I warn you, you may not like it!

I update it daily and I've got about a month's worth of blogs already written and waiting to be published. I love to write, I love to debate, and I love to write bot programs! Come check it out.

Kename Fin said...

Another blog for inclusion/consideration is Vikarion's rather unique point of view at:

Anonymous said...

Hi, here's my blog you can add there:

Shot said...

Just started a new piracy blog at :D
Hoping to be keeping it updated regularly, and have already added Blog Banter #7!

R3V0LV3R said...

Just opened my own blog for my random bs on eve.

Bill said...

Hello, CK! Thanks for this awesome list. Could you add my new blog focused on a noob's intro do Eve? The blog is at


Anonymous said...

OPML update going live on May 18th. I am happy to say the number of blogs matches the number listed here of 243 at the time of this comment posting. OPML downloads are available at

Eddie Gordo said...

Hi, I run a new eve blog hosting site called podlogs.Its a free service that lets people sign up for a wordpress blog, its pre-installed with about 10 eve themes that I created and will continue to get more themes added.

Here Is a list of all the blogs if you want to list them too..

Luc Sulla said...

Hey there, just dropping a line to say keep up the great work - you keep me well supplied with new material to read :D

Also, if I could get my blog, Bump in the Night (located at added to the rolls, that would be great. Been up and going for about a month, and I have no intentions of stopping, even if people want me to :P


Praerian said...

Hi CK, a great site and thanks for inspiring me to write my own blog...

I hope some people find it an interesting read into a carebear deciding whether to grow fangs or not!

Have fun and fly safe.

M.Linde said...

I've just started a new blog over at gamescribe -
Titled sceadugenga - it will bounce between RP blogging and descriptive commentary on EVE.

Matthew Park said...

Besides just a list of the blogs, is there a description somewhere of all the blogs? I would rather not have to go through all of them to find the ones I would be interested in. If not, this could be VERY useful I think. :)


Jar Calhoun said...

Hi CK, Thank you for the great service to the EVE community.

Would be great if you could add my blog to the list.

Brother Zoo said...

Another day, another blog.


Lolion Reglo said...

I am glad someone is taking the time to organize the many blogs on eve out there.

I also have a new blog i would love for you to add to your list. its a role playing blog that im starting and it can be found at

The name of my blog is Lolion Reglo's Captains log.

i look forward to reading all of the ones you have listed!

Selina Candor said...

A community project for those who are involved with or are interested in eve's markets.

Lankist said...

Got another one for you to add, EVE serial comic titled Rifter:

TheNudeNerd said...

Would love to get added to this list. My blog is general but a lot of discussion will likely be about Eve. Thanks!

The Nude Nerd

CrazyKinux said...

All new blogs have been added! Welcome to all!

Vol said...

I started my blog about a week ago. It isn't anything special, just trying to focus myself on Eve so I can back into it a little more seriously. I'm sure my blog will be lost in the explosion though, but I hope it will still be going six months from now when the dust settles:

Nekora said...

Heya,Jus another blog focusing on my exploits in highsec with overpowered toys.

Harrigan VonStudly said...

How goes it? I'm taking a shot at blogging. Got one to add for ya.

Metalkiss said...

Hey, would love to get added! Just started the blog a little bit ago:

Kieffer said...

Hello CrazyKinux,

First of all, thank you for gathering the community of eve blogs.
I found some gems of the blogs listed.

I just started modestly a blog and I wanted to know if you would accept to add it to your list?

Here is his address and title:

EvE Chronicles by Von Richtburg

Thank you.

...Paul said...

I started keeping one on Gamescribe as well:

Anonymous said...

Throwing it out there:

Matthew Park said...

Besides just a list of the blogs, is there a description somewhere of all the blogs? I would rather not have to go through all of them to find the ones I would be interested in. If not, this could be VERY useful I think. :)


Unknown said...

Figured I'd join in on the fun, especially after discovering I had set up a Blogger account and never did anything with it. Thus, I present Inanity and Doom.

Mandrill said...

You might want to move EVE-Yarr from the main EVE blog list to the GameScribe list, as it is a GameScribe blog. Just a thought :)

Unknown said...


Just got my blog up and running. Could you add this to your list as well?

Its an Eve Online Mercenary/General Blog with other random news and rants. We will be starting a podcast soon as well.

Ender Darklight

Chan Omari said...

Hey Crazy! Love your site, could you toss my corporation's blog on there as well its


Nathan Timus said...

Wow, but i'm missing ^^
German blog of 2 Minmatar pilots :)

CrazyKinux said...

Both blogs were added! Thanks gentlemen for passing by!

Nathan Timus said...

Many thanks, can you pls add an "L" between "sou" and "" ;)

CrazyKinux said...

@Nathan - Oops! Sorry about that! Corrected.

Velocity Prime said...

o/ CrazyKinux

Can you add me to your blogroll please?

A Ninja Salvager's Blog by Velocity Prime.

Thank you sir!

Anonymous said...

VelociLogic, Inanity and Doom, Phoenix Corporation and Soulprayer will be on the next OPML update post. They have been added to the OPML as of now and the updated OPML file is now available.

Velocity Prime said...


Right on, thank you!

Unknown said...

@Ga'len: Cool beans.

@CrazyKinux: I know you saw it, but I think you missed adding me to the blogroll. :-P

CrazyKinux said...

@Mark Raynor - added both to the Blogroll and to today's Speedlinks!

Sorry for the oversight. :p

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Crazy and hopefully the new additions to the community wont follow EVEnewbs predictions of poor blogging standards.


CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Praerian! I'm hoping they'll use his provocation to fuel the fire of their blogging passions!

Karak said...


You do such a great job of bringing together the community! I decided to do my part by starting a blog myself.

Sooner or Later by Karak Soon

Please add it to the blogroll. I hope to participate in the next Blog Banter too.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog and you provide a great resource to the community. Keep up the great work.

Can I get added to the blogroll?

Cle Demaari: A Citizen in EVE


CrazyKinux said...

@Karak, @Cle Demaari - Thank you both for your feedback! You'll both be added soon to the blogroll and will be mentioned in the next Speedlinking post!

Karak said...

Thanks! I'll try to make you proud.

Thorvik said...

o/ Crazykinux from Vancouver!

Been traveling in New Eden for a year and decided a blog was in order. I'm one of the new 300+ and while I don't expect a position on the blogroll until I earn it, please post link and review (if you have time to read it).


We Come For Our People

Bagehi said...

I just started up a blog about the horrors of 0.0 for those interested.

Tornike said...

Hey, I've changed my "Hardwirings and all that" blog URL.
You can update it to
Thanks ;)

Vanish said...

I've got a blog running that I intend to keep fairly updated, especially since I found Blog Banter!

Vanish said...

I suppose I could have linked it :D

Anonymous said...

Everyone up to this point has been added to the OPML download,

Tornike, your url in the OPML download has been updated as well.

Have fun and see you out there!!!

Anonymous said...

I just started in New Eden about 6 weeks ago. I've had no prior exposure to EVE and figured I'd try out this blogging about my new experiences. Thanks!

Mike Azariah said...

also asking for a bit of podlog linkage fun.

mainly in character,

Mike Azariah

Anonymous said...

Another nooblog asking for a link.

into the unknown with gun and camera

Thanks muchly,


Anonymous said...

Everyone up to this point is in the OPML download,

Gun and a Camera, you were in a previous update.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i want to see my Blog here too! Its in german, but those who cant read german i sugest going on it to watch the pictures :-)

Thank you!

Lyons Bael said...

Hi CrazyKinux, I am new to the blog world but I have a blog and I was wondering if you could put it on your blogroll for me. I will update my blog often. My blog is

Thanks much :)

Beastx said...

Hey CK, this is my blog, i do hope to use it regularly, general eve stuff, life and crimes of me :)

CountFenring said...

Hello CK, just wanted to add my name to the ever growing list.

It is almost entirely screenshots I've taken in game and a word or two about them following. Thanks for doing what you do. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kinux! Just want to throw my site in the mix.


Prometheus09 said...

Gday CK

Can you add my blog to blog roll. It is



Sirius Bradford said...

Hello CK,

My friend and corpmate Manasi has inspired me to start my own blog about EvE. If you could add my blog to your list, it would be appreciated.


Blackjack Supercapital Investments said...

Would you be so kind as to add my blog to the roll?

Many thanks.


Rick Schippers said...


Could you add my wormhole blog:

Jumping through wormhole -

QwikknDead said...

My first go at blogging. So cool!
You site rocks and I Have much to read. You sir will keep me entertained a long while as I drive the highways of the USA.
If you would please add my new adventure in blogging to your list

Pirate Captain said...

I recently started a blog if you would be so kind to add it to your list.


SFM Hobb3s said...

Great list! I've also made a new blog and wouldn't mind joining

Anonymous said...

An OPML download update goes live on Friday, August 14th at 5 am est. All new blogroll requests have been added to this OPML update.

Nashh Kadavr said...

Hi CK,

I have started bogging!

Please add me to your list. Also what bribery would it take for me to be put on your blog pack? Capsuleer has been the inspiration for my blogging!

Many thanks for your efforts made to the EVE community!

CrazyKinux said...

Will be adding you soon!

Achernar said...

Hi CK, and thanks for this impressive list. Could you add my blog please?

The address would be:

Anonymous said...

Hey CK,

I just wanted to let you know that I've updated my older blog. The old one was and the new one is

Thanks for the update! I needed a better location for my blog so that I could use the original for more personal reasons.

Fly safe!

Noir Avlaa said...

Hey Kinux! Been following quite a few blogs(including your own) since I started a few months back and decided to jump on the wagon and join in the blogging. I've jumped straight into the Piracy trade and only just started it today :)

- Noir Avlaa.

Ivanna Nuke said...

Hi Crazy hoping to have my blog added perhaps?

Gregg said...

Greetings CrazyKinux,

If I may, I'd love to have my EVE-only blog added to your public listing.

Name: MXB

It's a WordPress based blog.

Maximilian Black
aka MXB
Techno-Wizards Industrial Technologies [TWITZ] corp.

David E. Talvoces said...

Thought I commented, I must be crazy.

My new blog is:

It is the story of a new player/miner making his way through high sec and learning all about the game.

Abaddor said...

Hello. I recently started a blog and to get in on the lovefest!

A Rock In A Cold Place


Wayne said...


I know I sent you a personal Email about my new blog, but thought I should post here as well. My new blog over at Podlogs is I had wanted to use blogger, but my profile on there is not my character, so decided to start fresh at podlogs.

~Wayne (Rayne Stryker)

Anonymous said...

Everyone up to this point has been added to the OPML download located at

Announcement post going live on 9-11-2009 at 5 am EST.

Xeross said...

Could I be added,
title: TheElitist - Ventures of a Gamer and Programmer

Thanks, TheElitist.

Unknown said...

Hi Kinux,
First thank you so much for doing these blog compilations, I'm subscribed to the blog pack and it makes things so much easier.

I just started my own EVE blog and would love to be added to the blogroll list.

title: Orchid Sky

Anonymous said...

My blog is
title: Make Way For The Fail Train

Crimsoneer said...

COuld you please add my blog to the blogroll?

Unknown said...

I'd love to have my newly created EvE blog added.

Siberian San

kasharic said...

Could I please have my new blog added to the list - thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi CrazyKinux,

I am keen to get my blog added to your ever growing list.

I've also done a write up on a scorpion fit if you are interested in viewing it / adding it to your ships lists.

Michan Yu

Bakaris Drakar'akai said...

Long time lurker, newer to the blogging world. If you could add that to the blogroll it'd be awesome!

Dos Tu Mai 'Dossie' Kielle said...

Could you add my ramblings to the list please.
This site has given me the blogging bug and love reading all the other blogs.

Thank you. x3

Danishchicken said...

Hey CrazyKinux

THANK YOU! thanks for opening up this world for me.. hehe i have been using this place to keep track of the best eve online blogs there is and reading all the materiale on this page. Ive fallen so much in love with eve-online that ive decided to start my own.

heres the link, hoping youll take a look and leave a hi;

xxxxooxx :D

Rebecca Jai said...

Hey CK and everyone, I'm back in EvE and also I'm also updating my EvE blog "Just A Girl And Her Thorax" again. I've been officially back since Tueday and I've already got six new posts up, including the first one which explains why I disappeared without a word for two years and why I'm back.

And hey CK, I'd love to join your Blog Pack if you've got room for me dude! :)

Kellnirr Tiryon said...

My Blog, A Starry Eyed Pod-Pilot

By Kellnirr Tiryon


Darina said...

Carebear in Disguise -

My blog has been going for a month or two now, and I still haven't decided whether I am a carebear in disguise, or the carebear *IS* the disguise!

Help me decide?

- Darina

Katia Sae said...

I would like to humbly request the addition of my blog - To Boldy Go at

((OOC: With the new expansion Dominion and the re-beautifying effort of the planets and stars, I’ve established a long term goal of visiting each and every planet in every system. In this blog, I hope to share this characters experience along the way. Who knows how long it will time or if I’ll ever be able to complete the goal, but as with most things, you have to start somewhere and take it one step at a time. In this case, one system at a time.))

Ville said...

Hello. I recently started an EVE blog with the game seen from an illustrator's point of view.

May I request it be added to the list? :D


Ville said...

Oops, the link got omitted....

Sequential EVE:

Vall Kor said...

My I request you add my blog to the list? The url is

Krutoj said...

Could you please add my blog to the never ending list of eve blogs :).

Its a lot of 0.0 banter and I will be keeping it updated.

PS: are you gonna do podcast again?

Katana said...

G'day Crazy Kinux. Yeah I follow your blogs and the others in the blogroll heaps on my iphone gotta love them stories for sure :D

I'd also love to be added to your blog roll too if possible.
Mine is located as

I invite you to have a squiz. Im a little more story orientated than your usual bloggers :)

Yakshamash said...

Hey there I was wondering if I could be added to the list?

Szilardis said...

hey, really love the blogroll. This is a blog from a buddy of mine, just wanted to see if you could list it, get him some readers. Thanks.

Sophie Starsparrow said...

Hi. Would love to have my public in-character blog added to this list :)

Thanks in advance.

Sophie Starsparrow said...

hmm, link might help *blushes*

Troutinator said...

Since it looks like people are self promting their blogs here, I'll post my own new blog. Don't be fooled by the dates as things are back dated as I catch up. So I'd love some readers and maybe a comment or two! Check it out:

Chan Omari said...

I have a new corp blog Nemesis Nation, we have some really cool things going on, such as WH POS team, and our industrialists are all over the market and active on the blog front. Please ad

Chan Omari!

Unknown said...

Could you add

Jack Drake said...

I have a personal EVE blog, about my new journey in EVE, any chance it could be added to the list?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've got a blog:

called Escape Velocity.

Just trying to keep alliance mates informed but others may enjoy it as well.

Lumiana said...

Just started a newbie EVE trading blog at . When you get the chance, could you list it on your page?

Also, I wanted to thank you for starting the EVE Blog Pack. It's been a great source of blogs, and enriches the EVE experience to read what the experienced players are doing.

WiZZyWiGG said...

Could you please add my newly started blog,

It's called, 'Not quite so bitter eve vet'.

Great list btw!

Parasoja said...

New blog if you'd be so kind -- 'EVE fail posting'

Unknown said...

Hi CK,

I finally got into blogging eve in December and have been loving it! We have an active blog for our corp at

Would really appreciate you adding it if you get time. Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

finaly got round to bloging as 140 chars isnt enough to ramble on about eve

feel free to add me to ur MASSIVE list

Stephen McMurtry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
...Paul said...

At long last, Ashireka's Adventures In EVE has been revived as a Podlogs blog!


Stephen McMurtry said...

I failed on the linking in my last post, so I'm not even going to try this time. My re-named blog can be found at:


Rixx Javix said...

Just getting a new Eve blog off the ground, but I will be posting regularly since I have over a year's worth of material to pull from. It's a bit different, since its focus is on art related to the Eve experience.

Hope you can add it to the blogroll, I've already added you and will be adding others as I go along. And enjoy!

Unknown said...

HI ck, Could you add my blog to the blogroll please ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding me to the blog roll, I've made a post about it and added the links :)

Anonymous said...

G morning!

My new site EVEclectic is up and running.

It's a place where all things EVE will be discussed. The majority of course will be Eve Online, but there is a place for all Eve games and reading material.

Hope you like it enough to add it to the roll!


Rolinthor said...


Just wanted to let you know about a new Eve Online blog Diary of a Bored Spaceman

It's a lightly fictionalized account of in-game experiences that also tries to flesh out a little bit more of the New Eden universe.


Matt said...

Hey man, I saw this site (great site btw) and wondered if you wouldn't mind adding me to this list - I've just started a new EVE blog.

Thanks - Matt.

Illectro said...

Sick of repeating the same advice to noobs in chat I started this....

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