Saturday, February 06, 2021

Too Many Games, Too Little Time


Back in late January, I ran a poll on my Twitter profile asking if other gamers out there add the same pattern of buy tons of games, most of which we'd never finish. 

Turns out I wasn't alone in this behaviour. I can't speak for all of us, but I can tell you that the "collector's bug" is definitely at play in my case. If a sequel - or sequels - to a game I own show up on some Steam sale, I will for sure have an itch to scratch and will likely but those games. Will I actually start playing them immediately, or soon after purchasing them? Most likely not. But there's a good chance I'll pick them up and run through them some time in the future.

And it is with most games I purchase these days. I picked up Frostpunk and Cities Skylines months, if not years ago, and only recently started playing. 

 I could blame a million little distractions that get in the way of actually playing the games I buy, but the top one, and the one that makes it the harder, is simply the shear volume of games, good games, that are available, and the limited time we have in a day. Time for myself that is. Cause with work, family life, household maintenance, reno projects, keeping in shape and everything else - including sleep, duh! - Going through the list of dozens and dozens of games I've got is simply not possible. 

Add to the fact that some of the games I'm enjoying right now simply don't have an endgame. World of Tanks, World of Warships, nor Cities Skylines are rabbit holes and bottomless pits of time warp. Hundreds of hours spent playing them, and no closer to "finishing" them. Still damn fun though.

As @McLazyJ outlined in his recent post - "Sometimes Our Appetite For Games Overextends Our Time (and Money)" - we shouldn't lose sleep over all these games with have purchased over the years, and still haven't played. We should simply forget that backlog of games, jump in once in a while and finish them as time permits. Scratch that itch, and dive in...

Let's play ball...

A new beginning...

Paul Chadeisson's "Air Carrier Facility" - via ArtStation

 A long time ago, in a far away blogging world, there was a well versed blogger within a very active blogging community. But the years passed, and the blogging stopped. The community withered and went its separate ways, spreading the word of the Blog. And then a small flame started burning again...

I've been toying with the idea of rekindling this blog so many times in the past few years it's become a pathetic yearly ritual. The Holidays would roll in, work life would come to a stop for a couple of weeks, family activities would slow down and I would find myself with this desire to put digital pen to digital page again. I'd write a post or two, and then life would take its normal course and time would slip through my hands. This blog would again become a quiet, desolate corner of the blogger kingdom.

I had failed to leverage the power of Habits. 

This time, I'm going to go about it in a different way. I'm thinking of planning a weekly schedule. Though this will surely evolve over time, here's what I'm planning on writing about:

  • Weekly wrap-ups of articles, news, trailers that I've come across during that week on Saturdays
  • Weekend wrap-ups of what I've played, what I've watched and/or read over the weekend
  • Cities Skylines updates on my city, tutorials and Let's-plays I've watched on Mondays
  • Friday Trailers or Short films I've come across
Sprinkled with any of the following post topic ideas:
  • Writing about my passion for "The Art of" books, and the Concept Artists behind them
  • Gaming goals for the year
  • Book reading goals/updates and monthly review
  • Possibly a new Blog Banter - let me know if you have ideas

Also something that I need to continue and finish up is the mess I made by letting go and having to register and use instead. So I'll need to go through every post on this blog and manually update any reference pointing to .com and switch it to .ca . Fun.

Hopefully, this isn't another one of my false restart...