Monday, August 15, 2011

All good things must eventually come to an end...

As most of you know by now, I recently made a move into the video games industry as Director of Business Development for Behaviour Interactive. It's been a long time coming, and the privilege comes with lots of challenges. It's something I've been gearing up for for quite some time now. I'm a gamer at heart, and to have the opportunity to participate in the industry is quite exciting.

But with this new challenge ahead of me I've come to realize that some of the things I've enjoyed in the past must come to an end. Working for a developer and blogging/podcasting about another's work is somewhat a conflicting situation. I've been part of the EVE Blogging Community from its infancy and I've had the chance to participate in a number of podcasts with other capsuleer. This history and the people that were part of it (the good and the bad) is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

And so this will be my last post. Though I will keep the blog up and available to all, don't expect me to write anything new beyond this post. And don't expect to see much of @CrazyKinux for that matter too.

What about the EVE Blog Banter and the EVE Blog Pack? Who's going to keep their flame going? I've had quite some time to think about this. If you've read the previous post, you knew that initially I  was looking for someone to host both of these. And though I had quite a number of DM me or email me with offers, I came to realize that this might not be the best way to continue these 2 initiatives.

They need to be set free.

That's right. I won't do a thing. I realized that had I given the responsibility to either the Pack, the Banter or both to anyone, someone else (or even a group of you) might have seen this as preferential treatment. And to be honest, I'm no longer the best judge to know who should be taking over.

I'm letting the Community decide. I'm letting you pick up the Pack where I left off.

If you've got the fire, the passion to make your own Pack, then go ahead and do it. The same goes for the Banter. That's really all that it needs. Someone with the passion, dedication and enthusiasm to make things happen.

C'mon, I know you're itching to do it!

In the End

So this is it. What an adventure this has been! What amazing people I've had a chance to meet, both virtually and face-to-face, while writing, blogging and talking about EVE in particular and gaming in general.

I've become friends with quite a few of you and am happy knowing we'll still keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Some of you I'll get a chance to see at industry events, while others I'll be keeping in touch virtually, as I have for so many years!

Now I'll have time to play the darn game and read your blogs! Anyway that's the idea!

For those of you who want to keep in touch and were following me via @CrazyKinux on Twitter, know that I am no longer using that handle. Follow me at @SocialDave and I'll do same.