Friday, April 18, 2008

EVE Strategic Maps will ship late, and that makes me happy!

Why you may wonder? A worthy questions which deserve an explanation. Last week, while waiting for EON issue #011 to arrive, I ordered Serenity Steele's EVE Strategic Maps.

I hadn't planned to order it so soon, but when I got the MMM Publishing newsletter, I just couldn't resist.

I had to get it.

Since then I did receive my EON issue (and will be posting the ToC soon), but I was still waiting for my ESM.

Well it seems I'm going to have to wait a bit longer then expected. But it's for a good cause. Earlier today I received the following email from MMM Publishing:

Thanks for ordering EVE Strategic Maps, which we were expecting to begin
shipping within the next 10 days.

However, we have just returned from CCP’s Iceland HQ where we discussed some exciting new content which will slightly delay the shipping of EVE Strategic Maps, but will in fact put you well ahead of the rest of the player base.

Why? There is, as you may know already, an expansion coming in a few months, which will introduce completely new content to the world of EVE. So although your copy of ESM will arrive a couple of weeks later than planned, it will now contain advance information, allowing you totake advantage of the knowledge of this new content before anyone else. CCP has agreed to exclusively reveal this data to us now, wellin advance of it ‘going live’, in order that we can ensure the first run of EVE Strategic Maps includes the most accurate information possible.

As you read this, Serenity Steele is busy exploring this new contentin his Polaris Frigate, plotting the data and mapping every system,planet, moon, asteroid field, ice field and jump gate. With EVE Strategic Maps on your desk, you can be ready to take control. We will email you again to let you know when your copy of ESM is on the way, but for now thanks for your patience. We promise you will not be is appointed.

Regards The E-ON / ESM team

Priviliged information eh! Well I can certainly wait a bit longer for that! If you haven't ordered your copy, now's a great reason to do so. Or else you can wait for my review once I receive my copy.



Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really exciting news. Can't wait to find out what this "completely new content" is going to turn out to be. Presumably more than just some new systems and regions.

Thanks for keeping us up-do-date as always, CK.

Vestik Malice
E A S T - K H A N I D - T R A D I N G

Anonymous said...

And will the SS maps be available as a PDF so I can download them, search them, display on my secondary and tertiary monitors, print them on A3, scribble all over them, laminate them, crumple them, print them out again, cycle them as fire-lighters?


Ombey FTW.

Anonymous said...

Er, get a scanner?

OK, that doesn't help with the search - but maybe they'll provide a helpful index!

"Laminate them"... nice touch!

Vestik Malice
E A S T - K H A N I D - T R A D I N G

CrazyKinux said...

I'll be waiting for the leather bound edition!

Anonymous said...

@vestik: A scanner, and some nifty photoshopping, or a Charon full of ink. ;)

The unholy combination of Serenity Steele getting into bed with EON's MMM publisher, being given privileged access to content by CCP, and running for election to the CSM makes me feel quite queasy.

"Trinity, Transparency, Trust, Serenity" - I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Now if only they would make this piece of purchase available to us sans credit cards...

Ah well. Another 15 Euros saved for my retirement.

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