Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Getting to know your surroundings is crucial after a move!

Having recently moved about 30 jumps from Heimatar to the Tash-Murkon region, I'm now settling in to my new home base system of Pimebeka. It's where Phoenix Labs has made it's HQ, though we're still listed as being based out of Khanid Prime. A system and region I'm much more familiar with. Stuck between DOMAIN, KADOR and KHANID, TASH-MURKON is a region I've never really gotten to know, despite my 7 years of EVE. Getting my bearings quickly will be crucial.

That's something I always like to do when I establish myself in a new area of New Eden which I'm not familiar with. And whether you use the EVE Strategic Map like me, or @Wollari's DOTLAN EveMaps (which I also use by the way), learning all you can about the systems, belts, stations and surroundings is essential to safely navigating space.

I haven't had the time or opportunity to join any corp events since moving back to PPL, but I have taken a few trips beyond Pimebeka, learning various routes and getting to know a few agents. Hopefully, I'll get to know the neighborhood well rather quickly.

What about you? Have you moved around a lot, or have you stayed within the same region within New Eden?


Maria Wingtips said...

I've lived in several Gallente empire regions, most notably Everyshore and Verge Vendor, but also near Amarr for a while. Tried wh space but couldn't get the hang of it.. Recently I've spent 5 months in Querious, and now we're based in lowsec NPC space. I used to move in order to have access to the right agents; now we're just bored of highsec and started exploring nullsec.

Indeed, getting to know your environment is important, and when moving somewhere new, I usually spend some time flying around the area, scouting things out.

Laedy said...

I've never lived in the Tash Murkon area either. You system looks pretty good actually, only 4 jumps to Amarr trade hub should be really handy.

I've always been in extremely nomadic corps, so I'm used to moving at least once every couple of months. I have assets all over the EVE Universe. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt, but other times its really handy, as I find I have ships scattered all over the place and can jump clone and roam with different friends whenever I want.

Kirith Kodachi said...

No no no... Pimebeka is MY Home Station. Out with you! Out! I have all my illict drugs and slaves stored in there and I don't need you pilfering my stores.

Also: Teshkat is wild, approach with caution. :) If you need some safe spots in there, let me know, I've got some doozies.

Anonymous said...

Tash Murkon is fun. If you have friends that can-flip just remember that Tash-Murkon Prime is great. Everything in it is bait.

Wayne said...

I have been living in Metro for over a year and a half. Just recently joined one of the United Front Alliance Corps and am in the process of moving way up north into null sec. I have never PVP'ed before, and have never been into null sec at all, so this should be an experience. Good luck on your move.


Anonymous said...

The first thing I usually do when I move to a new system or area (low-sec or lower) is to bookmark several loactions that are with in scanning distance of the places I have interest in.