Tuesday, March 15, 2005

More posts coming up in the next few days...

Wow, how time flies!

Currently, that's the one thing I'm missing: TIME. With a fulltime job, a university class, planning a wedding and honeymoon (with my lovely fiance), I can barely find time to play EVE, let alone post. But that can't go on for too long!

School wise, things have quieted somewhat, so I'll be making updates, posts and all within the next few days. And boy, is there a lot of activity these days - GDC, Gaming conferences, new sites, news et al.

And I absolutely need to find time to play more. Since I've introduced a couple of friends to EVE a few months ago, they've been playing way more, and accumulating way more wealth and knowledge of the game. It's become our little joke - well their's anyway!

So stay tuned, watch for more links, more posts and more screenshots, in the next few days and from now on.


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