Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clearing asteroid fields of pirates for mining!

That's what I did tonight in EVE. Which should increase my security rating and eventually get me back above 0.0. Dragonmorph was online and so was Took. Met a newbie, Basinet, nice fellow who needed small help with a few (3) nasty rats. Me and my boyz (Wasp Drones) gave him a bit of help.

Then I mined a bit (see picture) and called it a night. I haven't seen Lugus and Muntchak in a long time. A few months I would say. Should email them and get the latest. I'm thinking of starting to recruit new members for Sorbion Inc. (my corp in EVE), cause as of now, I alone!!! Lost 5 members at the start of the summer!

Will do so after we get back from New York City.

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