Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dreaming of dual monitors tonight...

While checking out EVE Online blogs this morning on Technorati, I came across this guy's set-up and I fell in love with it. He's been playing EVE with two 20" LCDs side by side for heaven's sake!! What I would give to have that set-up! I've only got a lowly 17" CRT from IBM which I bought about 5 years ago. I promised the wife I wouldn't change the monitor until it broke down, but the damn thing still works like new. It doesn't to die!

Until it does, I'll be day dreaming of this set-up. Who knows, I might just give into my temptation and get myself a similar set-up. For fun, I looked into it and would most likely get 2 ViewSonic VP730b Thinedge Ultra-Slim bezel. At $430 CDN a pop, I'd have an awesome (as compared to my current) set-up. If anyone has feedback on ViewSonic LCDs in general, and that model in particular, please let me know!

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