Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVE Online: The Butterfly Effect

Yesterday afternoon, I received an encrypted email from CCP Games with information and an attached video. I was privileged to see their latest promotional video. I couldn't mention this to any of you since there was an embargo until 11:45am today.

But now I can!!

As you can see, it's a different approach that they're using, and I think it does a great job at highlighting the differences between EVE and most other MMOs.

So, is this the right approach to market EVE? What do yo think?

[YouTube video]
[Facebook page]
[CCP Games page]


Letrange said...

They need to go back to the female voice I think.

Anonymous said...

I agree with letrange about the female voice...but I think it CERTAINLY is a right way to go although it does lead to them having to promise what they deliver.

Letrange said...

Besides isn't this a reflection of a Goonswarm recruitment video/poster or something? It's eerily similar to something I've seen in the past.

Anonymous said...

Now that was awesome. I think they should have compared it with joining in attacking the miner rather than flying by, but either way, it was sheer awesome

Hirebrand said...


Scott said...

I do see it as an effective and well done video... BUT as said above CCP needs to deliver on what they promise. Going back to the female voice wouldn't hurt future video's either, gives it a more sci-fi feel, than the promo sounding effect of the male in this vid.

Eve is a beautiful game but those few fun moments you find are just burried under the horrendous mounds of details of logistics or just plain waiting for something to happen.