Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Return... Part Deux

There was once a beautiful princess who said that beginnings were a delicate time. Well, let tell you about returns! They are as delicate, if not more. Last December, correction, last October, I enthusiastically blogged about my return and that you would see many new posts from that point on forward.

Well that was dud if there ever was one. Months later, and only two posts have been published. But that is about to change!

And it start right now. Today!

So I've dusted off the place. Added a new template, with separate tabbed section (at the top). Added a few new widgets and lists to the sidebar.

I've also got a bunch of new posts in the works, covering various topics:
  • My current games
  • My adventures
  • Xbox Live Blues
  • New Speedlinks
  • My return to EVE Online (you thought I'd never get to it, eh!)
  • My plans with Stay Frosty
  • A new EVE Online character by the name of "Crazy Kinux"
  • A Kestrel Pvp set-up
  • and a few more...

So grab another coffee and stay tuned for the next post!

P.S.: To be honest I wanted to post this way earlier today. But the damn Boston Bruins kept scoring and postponing my beloved Habs from win the match of the series (4 Habs - 3 Bruins - final score in the 2nd period of overtime).


Helicity Boson said...

It's kinda hard to "get back in" to EVE proper I've noticed. I keep going in for a few days, getting distracted, and the stop playing again.

Which is weird, because I literally think about EVE ALL THE TIME.

Unknown said...

Hey David,

good to see you back again!! You've been so influencial on the EVE community and I'm really excited to see a lot of things coming from you.

Keep in touch!

Eitel aka Smakalicious

CrazyKinux said...

Come back Helicity... Come back to New Eden... You know you want to! :p

Brent Jones said...

Gonna second those sentiments Helicity. Same boat here.

Glad you're making another return David!

Rixx Javix said...

This is awesomesauce poured over the sprawling metropolis of WOOT CITY!!