Monday, July 03, 2023

Transportation I Feature Highlights #3 I Cities: Skylines II

Ah, transport. If you played Cities: Skylines, you might remember it as the dance of urban planning - sometimes a graceful waltz, and other times a dance akin to stepping on LEGOs in the dark. Who among us hasn't unleashed a chaotic snarl of buses, trains, and trams, creating a masterpiece that resembled spaghetti more than a transportation system? Ah, the memories, and the digital traffic jams.

But my fellow city-builders, Cities: Skylines II is here, and Colossal Order's new video, "Public & Cargo Transportation I Feature Highlights," has given us a sneak peek at what to expect. Buckle up, because we're about to take a wild ride!

The New Symphony of Transport in Cities: Skylines II
Be prepared to channel your inner conductor, because this is one orchestra that needs a steady hand. The good old reliable buses and taxis are back, ready to zoom here, there, and everywhere. They're cheap and cheerful, but beware their Achilles heel, otherwise known as "traffic." For those urban maestros among us who've faced the tragic crescendo of a gridlock, leveling up your public transport is the way to go.

Subways, Trams, and Trains, Oh My!
Subways are the ninjas of public transport - fast, high-capacity, and stealthy underground. Elevated tracks? Yes, please! Trams have the flexibility of gymnasts and can service your growing neighborhoods. Trains? They'll transport people, and not just suburbanites, and play a vital role in cargo transport too.

And let's not forget water transportation. Those bad boys of cargo ships can haul 1000 tons. That's right, 1000 tons of anything - enough to make any mayor's dreams come true.

The Drawbacks and the Irresistible Air Advantage
Sure, planes might be more expensive than a cup of coffee at the airport, and they carry fewer passengers than ships and trains, but speed is the name of their game. Plus, unlike my attempts at dancing, they won't add to road congestion.

Keeping the Rhythm of Your City
With new tools like the Transportation Overview and Infoview, you can find the right tempo for moving people and cargo in your city. Plan, manage, conduct, and maybe - just maybe - your city will march towards greatness.

So here's to the future mayors of Cities: Skylines II. May your transportation networks be harmonious, your cargo bountiful, and your traffic jams a thing of the past. And remember, if all else fails, there's always the joy of watching a virtual citizen miss their bus. Happy building!

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