Friday, December 16, 2005

Trading in Placid

As I've mentioned before, EVE Online is more then a simple game. It's vast, almost unlimited and the possibilities are endless as to what you can do. Trading is one of these activities which newcomers rarely do on their first day into this new universe.

They're much more likely to do a bit of mining to quickly acquire some ISKs (EVE currency) or go straight into the fury and fight off some space age pirates - commonly referred as Rats by EVE players.

And I've done both, still do, and still can enjoy it, in part because of the security system being used (more on that in later pots). But trading was something I always had wanted to do, but never took the time to seriously consider. When you're having to much fun doing agent missions and chasing pirates from system to system, the thought of looking up market analysis and charts doesn't seem to exciting.

But I was wrong, and kinda knew it. So last Sunday night I did just that. Logged in, opened the Market window and started looking at various commodities which I could haul in my trusty Iteron Mark III, the Fat Betty, across systems for some profit.

So I started off from my home base station in Stacmon, where I moved in about a year ago, while employed by Sorbion, my old corporation. My first destination was the Vey system, to acquire a full cargo of 'Frozen Food'. This system was 3 jumps away, through Ostingele and Agoze. After filling my ship to full capacity I head back out to sell these goods in Ostingele, 2 jumps away.

On this first run I made 422,103.2 ISKs in profits (26.3 ISKs per unit or 52.1 ISKs per cubic meter).
Then I was off again, now heading Agoze to pick up half my cargo, then filled her up in Harroule, then sold that full cargo in Ostingele. This time I was looking at a bit profits; 392,880.09 ISKS (24.33 ISKs per unit and about 48.52 per cubic meter).

On my final run, to and from the same two systems, I managed to do a bit better and added 423,885.1 ISKs of profits (26.25 ISKs per unit or 52.35 ISKs per cubic meter).

After that I called it a night. I had earned just shy of 1.3 million ISKs. Not bad for a first run at it. Hopefully I'll be able to find better trading routes. I only have to watch out for NPC pirates and PVP pirates, since most of these system are all low securities. It makes it that more fun!

It's just the start. Eventually I'll get myself an Mark V and really bring it up a few levels. Until then, Fat Betty will have to do the job!

Now, back to RMR!!


Anonymous said...

Placid! That's my old home. I based my own corporation Wingnut Squadron out of Pelille and later joined up with the Royal Independent Mining and Trading Co based out of Grispire.

I can't tell you how many times we fought pirates in Ostingele and how many times we went ice mining in Agoze. Those were some pretty good times.

Trading is fun, you can make a lot of money that way. If you're considering doing it long term, definitely look at upgrading your ship to an Iteron Mark V -- they can hold a bunch more.

Also look into carrying cans. You can fit a few Giant Secure Cans in your cargo. They take 3,000 m3 to hold but inside of the cans you can fit 3,900 m3. Yes, I know, it "creates" space. No, you can't put a can in a can.

My third account is a trader. He's brand new, only 3 million skillpoints, but he's working on all of the trade skills now. (Well, not the ones that cost 60 million for the skill, I don't need those yet...)

CrazyKinux said...

Thanx for the tips! I'll try out the cans - a great idea.

Oh and look me up when you're logged in, my characters name is Treenara Mazouk.

See you in EVE.

Anonymous said...

In Placid, Holoreels. ;)