Friday, March 03, 2006

EVE Online: four new Asian bloodlines (part 2)

So last evening, after patching the game with the 72Mb update, I headed straight to character creation to see the new bloodlines. To be honest I did not have a lot of time to research them properly and explore the new possibilities available with these new bloodlines. I might consider the Power of 2 offer from CCP and create a new character under a new separate account (hey, 6 months at $50 for a new account, can't go wrong). Will just have to see.

Here are screenshots of the 4 new bloodlines - one for each of the races.

Here above on the far right are the Achura, part of the Caldari dominion.

Here, the Vherocior, proud and free Minmatars.

Here are the people I currently do missions for, the Khanid, proud members of the Amarr Empire.

Last but not least, the Jin-Mei, of the Gallente Federation.

I'll explore each bloodline over the week-end and will try to post more early next week. Let me know if you plan to create a new character yourself, and let me know which, why and what you plan to do with new character.

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