Monday, June 05, 2006

EVE Online Mini Poll results

After about a week on the site, I've had 42 participants respond to the "How many hours per week do you play EVE Online?" poll. And though the results are lower than I would have liked, I'd have to say that they probably still close to the overall average.

More than half of the respondents play EVE Online more than 10 hrs a week, and I would be one of them. I'm actually playing over 20 hrs a weeks, with about 2 hrs week nights and 10 hrs spread out over the week-end. That may seem a lot, but when you consider that I barely watch TV - about 6 hrs a week - then it doesn't seem so much.

If it did, St├ęphanie would not let me any ways. We have a pretty busy social agenda and let me tell you, I better keep up or else! Seriously though, I tend to play late at night (after 9:00 PM), or early in the day (say 7:00 AM on the week-ends), so it rarely conflicts with anything we do.

Now that we're talking about 'when' I play, when do you? Do you play only on week nights, week-ends, whenever you can? Have you ever played an all nighter? Let me know!

As for the results of the poll, here they are:

    • I don't play EVE Online - 17% (7)
    • Less than 2 hrs - 2% (1)
    • Between 2 to 5 hrs - 10% (4)
    • Between 5 to 10 hrs - 17% (7)
    • Between 10 to 20 hrs - 36% (15)
    • Over 20 hrs - 19% (8)
However much time you're spending in EVE, enjoy every minute of it. There's always something interesting to do. It's all up to you!

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