Friday, August 18, 2006

Treenara Mazouk, an introduction

Bonjour! The full name is Treenara Mazouk, Gallente to the core, live free or die! Personality wise, I think most would say that I'm a trustworthy kind of gal, who believes in the good nature of humanity. Though I'll help anyone without thinking about it twice (money always helps though), only a fool would abuse my trust. I never forget a face, especially from someone who tries to double-cross me.

I was born on Intaki, from parents originally from Duripant. Both my parents worked for the Nibaghanashi weapons conglomerate, and had moved to Intaki after being transferred there because of company orders. When mom died, dad sent me back to my grand-parents to complete my education on Duripant. After a tumultuous path, I eventually joined the Federal Naval Academy, where I completed my training as a pilot.

Since then, I've worked for several corporations and even had a run as CEO twice. These days I fly with Phoenix Propulsion Labs (PPL), as part of their military division, Phalanx.

I don't really know what the future holds, for now PPL is home, and I'm having a lot of fun, even though it's a lot of work and demands a lot of mission running.

If your nice, I may tell you a bit more about my adventures. For now, it's time to hit the shower, then go for a drink at Melvouier's, a local pub here on station here in Badivefi. The boos is lousy, but the regulars are a fun bunch.

A la prochaine!

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