Friday, November 03, 2006

Which games would you always reinstall?

Some of you know that I've recently updated my current gaming rig with a new 320Gig drive from Seagate (see post here for the juicy details). Having completed the install of XP and a bunch of utilities I can't live without (future post subject), came the time to start to install the games.

The first one to be installed was an easy choice: EVE Online. And don't tell me you're surprised! The second, was also a given, Guild Wars -- the first two since I don't have Nightfall yet. But then came the questions; which would I reinstall, which would be next, should I install all of them, or just the ones I play regularly.

After giving it some thought, I took most of Wednesday evening reinstalling the following games, since CCP was making some hardware upgrades, which meant that EVE was down -- duh! So without further ado, here are the games I deemed important (which means FUN) enough to take the time to reinstall.

  1. EVE Online: The Second Genesis
  2. Guild Wars (original and Factions)
  3. Homeworld 2
  4. Dungeon Siege 2
  5. Starcraft (original and Brood War)
  6. Battle Realms (original and Winter of the Wolf)
  7. Warcraft 3 (Reigns of Chaos and The Frozen Throne)
  8. Lord of the Ring: The War of the Ring
  9. Neverwinter Nights (all 3 versions)
  10. Aquanox 2
So there you have it. These are the games that I'll pretty much install every time I do a Windows reinstall. Don't get me wrong, I still spend most of my time playing EVE and Guild Wars, but I also like to come back to old games. There's nothing like a good Starcaft match against an opponent half-away around the world.

So what are the games you would reinstall? Let me know.

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