Saturday, November 04, 2006

EVE Intergalactic Bank scam poll results

It's been a few weeks since I ran my poll on the EIB scam and the results are on par with what I would have expected. Most of you -- 51% -- believed that it was all "part of EVE Online life", with only a few -- 8% -- judging the deed "morally questionable".

On the other hand some of you -- 16% -- thought that "the player should be banned" or that at least "CCP should try to prevent these" scams from happening at all. Oh, and a quarter of you
-- 26% -- had no clue whatsoever on what the EIB scam was even though I had linked a few good articles in the post!

For those of you who would want to see my thoughts on the subject, read the comments and had yours, then head over here.

In my next poll, I'll be asking you your opinion on the latest E:ON issue.

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