Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All the EVE Online Guides you ever needed!

During the week-end I researched all the guides I could get my hands on and thought that I'd share the list with you. I'll start this list of EVE Guides with the ones most useful to beginners and then move up in complexity. Be aware that some of these guides may be old (circa 2004), but since they were the most complete available, I decided to still have them on the list.

Feel free to let me know if you know of any other good ones I may (must) have missed.

Skill Training Complete - EVE Online Q&A <-- NEW

Missions & Complexes:

Warfare & Tactics:

Mining, Trading & Exploration:

Ships and Modules:

Crime & Punishment:

Skills & Training:
Planet Risk Show Guides

EVE Academy's Guides
So there you go. You should have lots of reading to do to learn all this.

[LAST EDIT: August 11th, 2010]


Anonymous said...

Good list. However, in order to avoid confusion with some people, you should have mentioned that some of these are rather old, like the PvP Guide, which appears to be from 2004.

CrazyKinux said...

Good point. I'll edit the post accordingly. If you know of more update ones, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks for the list. Part of me wants to view the sources as preventative...like, if I read 'em, I won't die as much.

Unfortunately, it's much more likely that I'll be coming here to answer questions like "WTF? How did I just die?" Either way, I'm glad you posted it.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks for the laugh Rick!

Well either way, be it for preventing a WTF moment or giving meaning to a "WTF just happened" moment, I know these linkeys will be useful.

Anonymous said...

this is a guide for improving faction standing http://www.thonky.com/eve-online-guide/faction-standing.php

Redvest said...

Hi CrazyKinux,

Thanks for this amazing blog. It really helped me in my starting days in EVE a few months back.

Favoured it long time ago!

Thumbs up and keep it going!


CrazyKinux said...

Thanks a lot @Redvest, it really means a lot. Happy to see I've provided you with a bit of help at your beginning.

Quivering Palm said...

Just wanted to submit 5 guides we have published over at the Planet Risk Show:

Getting to know your ship - http://www.planetriskshow.com/getting-to-know-your-ship/

Free Skill Injection - Part 1 http://www.planetriskshow.com/free-skill-injection-part-1/ and Part 2 http://www.planetriskshow.com/free-skill-injection-part-2/

EVEHQ Prism - Blueprint Manager 101 http://www.planetriskshow.com/evehq-prism-blueprint-manager-101/

Thoughts on Using Plates or Not for Spider Tanking - http://www.planetriskshow.com/thoughts-on-using-plates-or-not/

We will be writing more guides in the future - feedback has been great so far!

Stay tuned at http://planetriskshow.com

CrazyKinux said...

@Quivering Palm - Thanks for those great Guides! I'll make sure to update the list! Keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Hey CK, not sure if it is applicable, but as part of my site, I have been creating noobie video guides. They explain little things that a new player may need to know, and demonstrates it. Anyways the Youtube Channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/TheReconReport

If they are applicable feel free to add then, if not no worries.

Kenza said...

I hope you don't mind the necro post.
I have been reading up on guides you have posted,and have expanded on the original list of guides in your post by adding stuff that I found which helped me in my EVE journey.
Hence I would like to ask you for permission to make that part of a project,where good articles/posts will continue to be added on a regular basis.
I will try my best to maintain it.
Still I hope to get your permission as this project is started by you afterall.

Abbadon21 said...

I see this is a pretty old post, but for some more Guides (PVP and ISK) you can check out my blog. I've been making video and text guides for about a year now.

My site is at: http://www.EVEProGuides.com