Monday, July 02, 2007

EVE Online Podcasts from

Over the week-end I spent a good number of hours going through the last podcasts (there are 74 as of today), taking notes on those which contained EVE Online news. In doing so I discovered a very proficient and entertaining podcaster. Brent has been doing these MMORPG podcasts since March of last year, and I have to say that over the last 15 months he's build up a very entertaining and informative collection of podcasts.

So if you're reading this and are interested in MMORPGs, then you ABSOLUTELY need to subscribe to them, download or listen to all of them. Yes there's a lot of old news, but I still learned a few things, and enjoyed everyone of them - including those not related to EVE.

Now, what of EVE Online I here you say? Well you're in for a treat. Having gone through all the podcasts, I've taken notes on each one that contained information on EVE, even going to the point of taking the time within the podcast where Brent starts taking about EVE. All in all, there are 13 podcasts listed below. I've linked them all back to and have also included links to reference them within this blog.

Have fun listening to them, I know you'll learn something new. Make sure that you go back and subscribe to them over at

Well there you have it. That's a lot of listening and learning ahead of you! And remember to thank Brent for these great podcasts.

[Edited: In bold and with the * are the podcasts that I found had the juiciest pieces of information: 39, 41, 56 and 66.]


Anonymous said...

I second the Brent recommendation. VirginWorlds is one of the podcasts I always listen to, along with Gary and Ryan at MOGarmy and the GFW podcast.

I'm going to go subscribe to Warp Drive Active and check that out too. I need all the Eve chatter I can get. I'm constantly amazed at how much I don't know about the game. I'm lucky that so many people are willing to educate me about my errors every time I go to lowsec. I appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness and mentoring :)

CrazyKinux said...

Indeed! As for WDA podcast, just look at the above post.