Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trinity is Dead! Long live Trinity!

As I write this post, CCPers are hard at work on the latest (and greatest) update to EVE: Trinity 2. And so I take a moment to say good bye to Trinity 1, EVE's initial graphic engine, as it goes into retirement.

Though it's gotten a few improvements over the last 4 years, Trinity 1 still looked great as of yesterday. Just take a look at any of the more than fifteen hundred screenshots I took and uploaded to my EVE Online Flickr set over the last 3 years. Out of that set I chose over three hundred shots as favorites and created a seperate set. Both of these will be sealed off and replaced with 2 new Trinity 2 sets.

So have fun browsing these old screenshots, and here's to Trinity 2 and all those lovely new shots I'll be uploading very soon!

Looking forward to it, as much as we all are!


Anonymous said...

Cheers to Trinity II
It's time to move on to a more beautiful universe.

Anonymous said...

Will the new engine run on vista?

Anonymous said...

Woooo! I can't wait to see the new graphics. I mean, I've obviously seen screenshots and the like but nothing beats seeing them first hand.
I'm still waiting to see a Myrmidon with improved graphics haha.