Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blog Banter : Rehabilitating the gamer in you

Happy New Year to you all!

First post of the Year! Wow, this makes it the fourth year of this blog. 2007 was an amazing year for the CrazyKinux's Musing. I won't go into details today as I plan to do so in a later post, but just to give you an idea, I had almost 55,000 visitors this past year (over 80,000 page views), which is almost 10 times as much as 2006. Let's see if we can do better this year.

Back to this post!

You're probably asking yourself what this blog banter is all about.
Well, Blog Banter is a group of bloggers passionate about anything and everything video games. On a monthly basis we get together and write-up a series of articles on a specific subject and then link to each other. The brainchild behind this idea is fellow blogger Hawty McBloggy (aka bs angel). I just love her quirky articles, always uncovering interesting and fun stuff. A must read!

The links to all the participant's articles can be found here and if you're interested in participating, just contact bs angel for more information. Enjoy our stories!

The subject of today's blog banter is New Year resolutions (as it pertains to gaming). The subject was chosen about a week ago, and I've been thinking all week about what mine was, but I just couldn't nail it. Then I figured it out, I'm a gamer with a split personality. For me there are two types of games: those you play on a PC, and those you play on a console. I've written a few articles about this in the past.

The split is as follows: FPS, Racing and RPG/FPS are games I prefer to play on my XBOX, while RTS, RPG and MMOs are games I can only enjoy on a PC.

Now over the last few months, I must admit I had been neglecting my XBOX 360. It would've been gathering dust, were it not for my daughter's Baby Einstein DVD's. I had to do something about it. Things weren't right. The console/pc balance was off, my gamer equilibrium was all out of whack.

Things needed to change.

Over the holidays, I gave the XBOX a good kick in the butt. Loaded Gears of War and ripped through some Locust Horde! Played some more Halo 3 and gave Mass Effect a quick spin.

Which brings me to my resolution for the year and the subject of this post. It's all about balance. Wax in, Wax out. Ying and Yan. Chi and Li. PC and Console.

So my resolution for this year, my goal, is to balance my gaming time between my PC Gaming and XBOX gaming. Between EVE Online and my other PC titles. Don't get me wrong, the main focus of this blog will still be EVE Online. You'll just have a chance to read up on what else I'm playing. Maybe a few articles on how an EVE FPS would look like. Or which current RTS would lend it itself well to EVE.

So there you have it! I've been rehabilitated and am all the better for it. How about you? What's your New Year's resolution?


Anonymous said...

That's interesting how you play certain genres on specific platforms. Good thing your little one likes those videos to keep your 360 happy in the mean time! LOL ...

I'm the same way as you, I tend to get wrapped up in one game or genre and then neglect everything else. I really need to put Mass Effect back in, but more importantly, I need to unwrap Jericho which I got at launch but still has an unbroken seal.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine keeps raving on and on and on and on and on about Eve. Infact today he told me about a character he might be given soon from someone else and the character has -8 something and can't to certain parts for months...

Either way, it seems like a very, very complex game.

How do you think other games compare to that? I thought Mass Effect was amazing, infact it's my favourite game, but for you it must seem quite simple compared to Eve?

CrazyKinux said...

In the same way I tend to get excited about new games and will often neglect to finish the game I'm currently into. This also has to change!

CrazyKinux said...

I've spent less than an hour playing Mass Effect, so it's a bit hard to compare it EVE Online in terms of complexity.

To start off, one is a single player RPG, the other a massively multiplayer RPG.

As for complexity, looking back at KoToR, which is similar to Mass Effect, I would say that both of these are like giant labyrinths where you'll end up at a known destination. These games are finite; there's an end to them.

EVE is more like a sand box with toys and tools. You're free to play with or against whomever you want. And the games ends only for you, when you decide to leave the send box.

Hope this sorts things out for you!

Silvercube said...

My real resolution is to get off the jellybeans. Too much sugar.

I balance between Xbox 360 and Wii : )

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought I was the only person with that dilemma. Since getting a 360, I've totally neglected my PC. And neglected is the right word. I feel guilty, embarrassed and ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Great thing about EVE is you can play it while you're playing a console game. I used to mine asteroids while I played Halo 2 multiplayer. It was the perfect set up.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Multitasking at its best.

Anonymous said...

hi~i like your site, it was cool and nice, keep the work up and i will come back soon to check what new

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - always love your blog; interesting articles in it - EVE and others.

Look forward to 2008. All power to you.