Tuesday, October 05, 2010

EON Issue #021: 2010 - Table of Content

Though I've yet to receive my copy of the 21st issue of EON, I thought I'd share with you the content that was forwarded to me by the editors.

I can't wait to get my copy as this issue is filled with content that's dear to me: the EVE Storyline and the EVE Fanfest! The EVE universe is a fascinating place and the EVE Chronicles have allowed us to learn a bit more about this dark and hard place we capsuleers call home. I've even stated in the past, and reiterate here, that I'd love to see some hardcover book on EVE - similar to those big fat beauties from Pathfinder.

As for the upcoming Fanfest, I'm already looking at my possible itinerary and maybe extending my vacation a few more days to spend it with MrsCK somewhere in Europe! How about you? Will you attend the Party t the Top of the World next March?

It’s always been there, but EVE’s storyline has never been the most overt aspect of the New Eden universe. All that’s set to change with Incursion, as CCP is looking to bring the back-story firmly to the front. With player events back on the agenda and everyone from the mightiest 0.0 alliance to the lowliest high-sec miner invited to take part, it looks as if your reasons for doing what you do are about to get ever more dramatic.

As we wait patiently for 2011’s extravaganza on the roof of the planet, we take a trip back in time through Fanfests of old to discover how they came to be, why they came to be and who came to... uh, be them. Whatever. The moments that made CCP realize getting a large group of its players together under one darkened roof was all worthwhile, the lessons learnt, and what we can expect from future trips to the sunny shores of, er, Iceland.

Of course we love EVE more than life itself, but that doesn’t mean that life should be neglected in the pursuit of one more can-flip or podkill. We take time out from staring at the monitor to examine ways to step back, smell the flowers and still appreciate our beloved game for all its worth but without becoming totally burnt out in the process. Remember traveller, a healthy capsuleer is a happy capsuleer and vice versa.

Give a bunch of pilots a (relatively) small lump of cash, tell them to spend it on whatever ship and fittings they think are best and record the results. Following Issue #019’s 200 million ISK ship-building challenge, we thought we’d try it again but with a more modest amount. You’ll be surprised just how far a tiny budget goes in New Eden’s chop-shops these days.


  • The Mod Delusion – how EVE’s greatest fans are taking New Eden into other game engines
  • ‘Condemned To Repeat’ – an all-new, exclusive Chronicle of espionage and deceit from Danny Schalit
  • In depth ‘Insider’s Guides’ to Militia Fleets, getting the most from EVE’s communication tools and the first of a multi-part look at Drones
  • Interviews with EVE TV veteran and CCP Video Producer Stevie Ward and Technical Director and ‘Lag Warrior’ CCP Yokai
  • Behind the characters of Silentbrick, Niccolado Starwalker and Sakura Nihil
  • Profiles of Art Of War Alliance and Veneratio Venator Alliance
  • The latest news from CCP and the latest reports from 0.0 space
  • Postcards, Funnies, My Two ISK and much more

Oh, and there’s one more thing... E-ON is going digital, but they’re not abandoning the hard-copy magazine – far from it. As a special incentive, ALL subscribers to the hard-copy edition will receive FREE access to the coming-soon E-ON Digital, which will be able to be viewed online or offline on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. The print edition will still retain its glossy-page collectability, but the digital version will enable us to bring new features such as full archive searching, lower cost and instant availability. Go tell the world, E-ON Digital is coming soon...

Table of Content Coming Soon...

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