Monday, November 08, 2010

Visceral Games Montréal Party following the first day of MIGS

As my first day of the Montreal International Game Summit ends, I'm about to head back to downtown Montreal for the MIGS Party, courtesy of Visceral Games Montreal, formerly known as EA Montreal. This is my first attendance at MIGS and hopefully not the last. Coming out of the first day, I can already tell you that I'm very impressed with venue, the speakers and with the overall conference itself.

Since I need to leave for the event, I don't have time to tell you about the various sessions I attended earlier today, but I can tell you that Ed Fries' opening keynote surprised quite a few people, that GameSpy's Todd Northcutt sessions on leaderboards was very interesting, and that Funcom's CTO, Rui Manuel Casais, session on the Technical Challenges of Developing MMOGs was very interesting and full of real-life experiences. More on that later!

Now if you don't mind, this is where I'm heading tonight:
[Note to self: before you rush out the door, hit the Publish Post!]


Letrange said...

You know? Posting this at 10:00pm or so on the night of the event that starts at 8:00pm wasn't perfect timing...

CrazyKinux said...

It was to start at 9PM actually, but ended up starting closer to 10PM. I myself get there around 10:30PM.

But you're right in that my timing was off. I'm taking steps towards correcting that though, and quitting my day job, giving full rights to both my kids to my wife, and then divorcing her. Should have more time to myself after that! :p