Sunday, January 29, 2023

Top 10 Tips & Tricks on starting a new city in Cities: Skylines!

Starting a new city on a fresh map in Cities: Skylines can often times be a daunting experience. Hell, even after start fresh dozens of times I'm still sometimes overwhelmed by a blank map. Here my top 10 tips when starting on a new map and planning for building a successful city build.

  1. Start small: Starting with a small city is the best way to gain experience and learn the game mechanics. You can gradually expand your city as you become more familiar with the game, and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

  2. Plan your road layout: A well-designed road layout can make a huge difference in the efficiency and flow of your city. Plan your roads ahead of time and make sure they connect all the important areas such as residential, commercial and industrial zones, and public service building like hospitals, schools and police stations. Also, make sure to include at least one main road that can connect to your neighboring city to enable trade and tourism.

  3. Zone wisely: Zoning is one of the most important aspects of the game. Be sure to zone the right areas for residential, commercial, and industrial use, and keep them separated to avoid pollution and noise complaints. For example, you should keep industrial areas away from residential areas to prevent pollution and noise, and you should also make sure that commercial areas are close to residential areas to provide jobs and services.

  4. Use public transportation: Public transportation is a great way to reduce traffic and increase the efficiency of your city. Be sure to build bus and train stations, and connect them to the road network. Also, make sure that the station is easily accessible and in a visible location for your citizens. Additionally, you can add more advanced system like metro, tram, and cable car to improve your transportation network.

  5. Manage your budget: Money is the key to building and expanding your city. Make sure to keep an eye on your finances and prioritize spending on essential services like water, power, and sewage. Additionally, you can also generate income by building tourist attraction, taxing your citizens and trade with neighboring city.

  6. Monitor your citizens' needs: Keep an eye on your citizens' needs by using the in-game statistics and graphs. This will help you identify and address any issues that may arise. For example, if you notice that your citizens are unhappy, you should check the health, education, and safety services in your city, and see if there are any problems that need to be addressed.

  7. Use the terrain to your advantage: The terrain can greatly affect the development of your city. Use the natural landscape to your advantage by building in areas with a gentle slope or using hills to create a more interesting city. Additionally, you can also use the terrain to control the flow of water, prevent flooding, and generate hydroelectric power.

  8. Build a diverse city: Variety is the key to keeping your citizens happy. Build a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas to provide a diverse range of jobs and services. Additionally, you can also build park, recreational area, and landmarks to make your city more attractive for tourists and citizens.

  9. Use the right policies: Policies can greatly affect the development of your city. Be sure to use the right policies to encourage growth and development while keeping your citizens happy. For example, you can use policies to control pollution, crime, and traffic, and to provide better services for your citizens.

  10. Experiment with different building styles: The game offers a wide range of building styles, so be sure to experiment with different options to find the one that best suits your city. Additionally, you can also use the game's modding feature to add more building style and other features to your game. This will give you more flexibility and creative freedom in building your city.
Would you add anything else. Which advice would you wish you had put into practice the first few times you started you city? 

Let us know!

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