Saturday, February 25, 2023

Eager for Foundation Season 2

 As a fan of Isaac Asimov's original trilogy, I was initially hesitant about the Foundation series adaptation to the small screen. However, the show's creators have done an exceptional job of bringing this epic tale to life, and I am eagerly looking forward to the second season on AppleTV+.

The show's visuals are breathtaking, with sprawling Trantor, towering spaceships, and intricate technology all brought to life in stunning detail. At the same time, the show balances that grandiosity with an intimate focus on the characters and their relationships. The storytelling is engaging and clever, and the central themes of the trilogy, such as the struggle between free will and determinism and the search for meaning in an apparently meaningless universe, are all present in the show.

One of the things that I appreciate most about the show is the way that it has fleshed out some of the characters from the books. In particular, the portrayal of Salvor Hardin is particularly compelling. Her arc, has been one of the show's most satisfying through-lines. This expansion of the character allows us to see her transformation in much greater detail than the books, providing a strong counterpoint to the more mystical and philosophical elements of the story.

One of the smartest twists on the source material in TV’s “Foundation” is the literal cloning of Emperor Cleon into three versions of himself, known as "Brother Dawn," "Brother Day," and "Brother Dusk." These Cleon clones have been ruling much of the universe for 400 years at the point when we drop into the story. The use of the three clones adds a fascinating dynamic to the story, as they are all essentially the same person but at different stages of life, with different perspectives and motivations. This clever deviation from the books provides a fresh take on Asimov's world and sets the show apart from other sci-fi adaptations.

Of course, one of the central ideas of Asimov's work is psychohistory, and the show hints at this concept in intriguing ways. The idea that the future may not be entirely predetermined is a tantalizing one, and I am curious to see how the show explores this idea in greater depth in the second season.

Overall, the Foundation series on AppleTV+ is a stunning adaptation of Isaac Asimov's classic trilogy. Despite important differences from the original books, the central themes and some of the most memorable moments are all present. The expansion of certain characters, such as Salvor Hardin, has added depth to the story, while the use of the three Cleon clones provides a fresh take on the world of Foundation.

I, for one, am eagerly anticipating the second season of this amazing show.

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