Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Master the Basics: Top "Farthest Frontier" Tutorials for Beginners

Kysen's Farthest Frontier - Best Beginner Tips!

 "Farthest Frontier" is a simulation game developed and published by Crate Entertainment. The game was released in early access on Steam in September 2021 and is currently in development.

In "Farthest Frontier," you play as the leader of a group of settlers who have landed on a new planet. Your goal is to build a thriving settlement by managing resources, constructing buildings, and exploring the surrounding wilderness. You must also defend your settlement from dangers such as wild animals and hostile aliens.

The game features a day and night cycle, seasons, and dynamic weather, which can affect your settlement's productivity and the availability of resources. You must balance your settlers' needs for food, water, and shelter while also keeping them happy and healthy.

"Farthest Frontier" has a unique art style that combines 3D models with hand-drawn textures, giving the game a charming and colorful look. The game also features a soundtrack that complements the game's relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, "Farthest Frontier" is a promising simulation game that offers a fresh take on the genre with its frontier setting and charming art style.

As beginnings are very delicate times, I've started gathering good beginners tutorials. Above & below are the ones I've found so far. Feel free to let me know in the comments below of any other good ones I'm sure to have missed.

"Farthest Frontier - Getting Started - A Helpful Guide" by OneLastMidnight

The Only l0nzy's"The Only Starter Guide You Need! - Farthest Frontier New Update!"

"Tips & Tricks for Beginners! - Farthest Frontier Beginner's Guide" by @TakaYouTube

8 Easy Beginner Tips For Farthest Frontier | Easy Start For Farthest Frontier by Sir Sim-Alot

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