Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Top (and Best) Must Have "Cities: Skylines" Mods

Mods provide players with more customization options, allowing them to create a city that is truly unique and personalized. City builders can add new buildings, props, vehicles, and other assets to their city, making it more diverse and interesting, as well as add new functionality to the game, providing players with more tools and features to work with. For example, traffic management mods can help players control and optimize traffic flow in their city, while building and asset mods can provide more options for construction and decoration.

So here's my list of the Top 15 Best Mods to use while playing Cities: Skylines - I've linked each to their Steam Workshop.

1- Move it is a must-have mod that allows players to manipulate and move objects with ease. Players can adjust the position, orientation, and height of any object, making it perfect for tweaking roads, buildings, and props.

2- Traffic Manager: President Edition (TM:PE) is a powerful traffic management mod that provides players with a suite of tools to manage and control traffic in their city. It allows players to adjust speed limits, set traffic lights, and optimize traffic flow. It can/should also be used with Hide TM:PE Unconnected Tracks and Hide TMPE crosswalks V3.2.

3- Node Controller Renewal 3.4 is a tool that allows players to adjust the nodes and segments of roads in their city. It provides a high degree of control over intersections and road layouts, making it easier to create complex road networks.

4- Intersection Marking Tool 1.13.1 is a mod that allows players to mark and designate lanes and paths on intersections. This mod is useful for creating complex intersections and controlling the flow of traffic.

5- 81 Tiles 2 is a mod that allows players to unlock all 81 tiles in the game, making it possible to build huge cities. With this mod, players can create vast metropolitan areas with ease.

6- Precision Engineering is a mod that provides players with precise control over road and building placement. It allows players to align roads and buildings perfectly, making it easier to create a cohesive cityscape.

7- Ultimate Level Of Detail (ULOD) is a mod that improves the game's performance by reducing the level of detail of distant objects. With this mod, you can increase the game's performance without sacrificing the visual quality of your city. This mod is perfect for players with lower-end computers or players with larger cities.

8- Network Multitool 1.3.3 is a mod that provides players with a range of tools for managing roads and networks. It allows players to adjust road heights, set slope limits, and create custom road assets.

9- Find it! 2 is a mod that allows players to search for assets, buildings, and props in the game. It makes it easier to find specific items and assets, saving time and effort in the process.

10- Compatibility Report v2.3.2 is a mod that checks the compatibility of other mods with the game. It provides a report of any conflicts or issues that may arise, allowing players to ensure that their mods are working correctly.

11- Picker is a mod that allows players to pick and choose specific assets and buildings in the game. It makes it easier to select and place items precisely, without accidentally selecting other items.

12- Forest Brush Revisited v1.3.13 is a mod that allows players to create forests and woodlands in their city. It provides a range of tree brushes and foliage assets, making it easy to create beautiful natural landscapes.

13- Play It! is a mod that allows players to simulate and test different scenarios and situations in their city. It provides a range of tools and settings for adjusting time, weather, and other game mechanics.

14- Harmony 2.2.2-0 is a modding tool that provides a framework for mod developers. It makes it easier for modders to create and maintain mods, ensuring that they are compatible with the game and other mods. 

15- Loading Screen Mod Revisited 1.1 is a mod that enhances the loading screen of the game. It provides a range of features, such as tips and trivia, custom images and videos, and the ability to load custom assets and mods during the loading screen. This mod makes the loading process more interesting and informative, while also allowing players to customize the game to their liking. It's a small but useful mod that can improve the overall experience of playing Cities: Skylines.

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