Monday, May 29, 2006

Combat missions over the last few days

I've been having a lot of fun over the last week or so, running missions for various agents. I first started doing missions for a level 1 agent in Kihtaled and then decided to go back to a level 2 agent I had started working with in Baratar some 14 systems away. The missions are a bit more challenging and bring in better rewards/standing/loyalty points. The screenshots below were taken over the week.

vexor in combatvexor in combatpirate explosiondrones heading towards trouble

I plan to do some more missions tonight, since Tuesday night we'll be mining in a low security systems for some rare ores and I'll be hauling that cargo back to home base in Fat Mimi I, my trusty Galletean Iteron Mark V.


Anonymous said...

Hi Treenara!

That is an interesting setup on your Vexor.
Medium Pulse Lasers, cap injector and active hardeners?

How are the Hammerhead IIs working?

But I see you are away from being a loyal Gallente. Running missions for the Khanid against the Republic, tsk tsk tsk...

CrazyKinux said...

Hey Luance,

Nice to see you again! What are you up to old buddy. Still dreaming of the Republic of the past I see. I left the Gallente Republic when I could not bare its corruption anymore.

As for the setup, it has been working like a charm and the Hammerhead II are quite happy doing most of the dirty work for me.

Let me know if you ever visit the Khanid Kingdom. We'll hunt down some pirates together!

Anonymous said...

Actually I would love to visit Amarr space to hunt down the murderes of my sister.

Unfortunately the research for the Vitoc cure makes this impossible for me at the moment.

Hopefully one day you will discover where your roots are and return home....

CrazyKinux said...

Let me know when that day comes, and we will hunt them down to the far ends of the universe.