Monday, May 22, 2006

CrazyKinux's Musing: a major overhaul

Well I finally got to it - redesigned this blog to look exactly like I always wanted. I used PsycHo to generate a template and then spent a lot of time, tweaking the look and feel and importing the various links, and items from my old template to the new one.

It works almost as I want it to look like. Except in IE6.0 that is. For some god forsaken reason, the 3rd column start at the end of the main section. This happens only in IE. In Firefox, it's fine - it looks great. If anyone knows why and can help me fix this, I would greatly appreciate the help. And if anyone viewing this site with Opera, Safari or IE7.0, I would also be thankful if you told me if all three columns start are the top.

In the meantime, use Firefox (which is my default browser anyway) to view the site at it's best.

I've got a bunch of posts, ready to be published. I'll be back to my regular daily posts soon.


CrazyKinux said...

Update: I've figured it out. Though Firefox, Opera and IE7.0 all displayed the site correctly, IE6.0 had difficulty with the margins. By increasing the margin by 6 puny little pixels, all three columns now display correctly. If you see anything weird, drop me an email.

Anonymous said...

Looking good!
Gotta love IE6.0

CrazyKinux said...