Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back online, but not all is good

Back on the 16th, I mentioned that I was still without Internet access at home and that I was waiting for a technician to test the modem and replace it if need be. Well need there was. He replaced the SpeedStream 5360 modem with a 6520 wireless gateway.

So I've had broadband access since then, but I spent the next two evenings trying to get the gateway to recognize the Linksys Wireless Game Adapter, and then my Xbox 360 to recognize the same adapter. I managed to do the former, but not the later. So no Xbox Live since.

The plan is to get the Xbox Wireless adapter and then try to get it to work. If I run into problems, I can always get support since this is the only adapter Microsoft supports and I know tht the gateway Sympatico provided is supported for Xbox Live. So there it is. As of now I still can't stream music, movies of images through to my 360 from my PC. But we'll get there soon.

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