Monday, April 16, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

On Thursday night last week, I picked up an Xbox 360, and Gears of War, got home, installed the whole thing after packing my trusty original Xbox and the rest of the night playing Gears of War. I finally went to bed at around 2:30am Friday morning. That was the Good. Actually that was Great!

Now for the Bad. That Friday (which was last Frdiay) I got up 4 hours later, and tried to connect to Xbox Live again. No connections. no DNS, nadda, none. When I got back from work later that day, I still had no connection. Actually the DSL connection was down, and had been down the whole day I was informed by the wife. Well that was certainly wasn't good, that was real Bad. So I called up Sympatico Tech Support to get that fixed. After a few minutes with Level 1, I got pushed over to Level 2, where I was informed they would run some test on my line and then I would be called back.

The Ugly. Saturday morning still no broadband access, no access at all actually, the DSL modem isn't able to synchronize at all. No Eve Online, more like Eve Offline, and I'm not talking about the site! That afternoon, I get a call back for a tech, we go through a few more tests, and he comes to the conclusion that it's most likely the modem. Just to be sure, they're going to do some more tests and then call back to let me know. Sunday evening, I get a call back from Tech Support, they're sending a technician on site the next day to either check my set-up or (most likely) replace the darn modem.

I've survived another week-end without online access. It's more frustrating then you'd think, and I'm not talking about gaming, or blogging or even picking-up your email. I'm talking about all these little things that you'd need to check something online, a site you've just seen an ad on TV, the name of that actor, a little utility you need to convert .AVIs to .WMVs.

Anyway, things should be back to normal tonight. I'm just glad I had the new 360 to keep me busy. More on that later.

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