Wednesday, May 09, 2007

EVE: The Book

I've always wanted to compile all the EVE Online chronicles into one document, one book that I could read at my leisure and not necessarily in front of a monitor, but wherever I chose.

Well, not only was I not the only one, but I was also late by a couple of month with my 'bright idea'.

Back on the EVE Backstory page are links to two versions of this same book - one with a black background, the other (for printing purposes) in white.

I've download both and will have the white-themed one printed and bounded in full colour tomorrow morning when I get downtown.

I can't wait to flip through it and read it on the commute back home. I just wished we had more of these great books, and can't wait for Tony Gonzales' novel or the RPG books on EVE from CCP White Wolf!

Lots of reading up ahead!

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