Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saying goodbye to Khanid and getting back home

As you read this, I'm on my way back to Gallente Federation space. Though I have not officially left Phoenix Propulsion Labs, I've cleaned out my hangars, sold what I need and could and packed what I could. On my way back out for a last trip, just as I was leaving the station in Badivefi I got podded by a gang of 6 pilots from PURE Legion, who were sitting there and not only lost a Dominix, but its full cargo! They'll pay one day, you can mark my words. Oh they'll pay.

I just hate waking up in a new clone. It's just so awkward and disorienting to wake-up in those clone labs. But ehm who am I kidding, I'd rather feel nauseated then be dead. I just never got used to it.

So I bought a shuttle and undocked. I was going to see if these PURE suckers were fast enough on the trigger. As my shuttle exited the station, I hit the engines full speed and as soon as I was clear I engaged the auto-pilot. They never had a chance to target me! But when I got at the gate, a little Pure party was waiting to say goodbye. This time they locked on me, and started bombarding me hard. Not hard enough though. And by the time I jumped, I had only lost shields and half my armor. These bozos couldn't even get a shuttle for crying out loud. "Les pourris!!" as grandpa used to say.

So now, I've got about twenty-something jumps left to get to Grinacanne, on the edge of the Federation. Dad's gonna be happy to see me! I've already dropped my Vexor and all that it could carry. So I just have to get myself there in one piece.

Khanid was fun, and PPL was a great place to work. But home is home, and you can't take the Gallente out of this girl. See you on the other side!

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