Monday, May 14, 2007

Just joined TAKAGI corporation

So following my recent move back to Empire space, I headed to Grinacanne where TAKAGI Corporation has its head office. Having moved out of no-sec space, I had started looking for corporations true to the Gallente Federation goals. Can you really blame me, I mean you can take this girl out of Federation Space, but I've always been, and always be a freedom lover. The Federation is my true home and TAKAGI felt like a nice place to work after being involved with Phoenix Labs for so long.

So after going through the normal channel, I finally got an appointment with one of the TAKAGI recruiter, a fellow by the name of Lareck Kceral, whose actually responsible for the defense section of the corporation. A really nice guy, and after going through some questioning and paper work, I got a 1 month internship program with them.

So I headed back to the apartment I had rented when I got in station, what the locals call "un trou", a whole that is. A few days later, I got an offer; the standard for Gallente corporations. So after going through the usual retinal scan to accept the offer, I headed over to the local bar, and got myself drunk. I was starting the next day and wanted to celebrate!

That was yesterday, and I can still taste the Grinacanne Ice Wine. Expensive stuff, but damn good! So tonight I'm heading off on a mission for a Federal Navy agent, on behalf of the corp. Something about getting our standings up in order to increase our business opportunity with the Navy.

Until then, fly safe!

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