Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EVE Ship reviews on EVE TV

I missed the last two EVE TV broadcasts and only watch them earlier this week. As many viewers, I was happy to see the move to the free format. I don't mind the commercial, and must say that the cast and crew are getting better with every show.

One of the reports I always look forward to is the ship review. And since EVE TV now splits the shows into its various parts, each ship review can be accessed directly. Here listed below are the links to the last 4 ship reviews.

Abaddon (Episode 16)

Amarr AbaddonImage courtesy of CCP.

Eagle (Episode 14)

Caldari EagleImage courtesy of the EVE Online Player Ship Gallery.

Eris (Episode 15)

Gallente ErisImage courtesy of the EVE Online Player Ship Gallery.

Wolf (Episode 17)

Minmatar WolfImage courtesy of MotherMoon.

I plan to link new reviews as each new EVE TV Episode is released. Enjoy the clips!

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