Friday, October 26, 2007

Web Wars EVE and John Galt Games Teaser

This just came across my Google alerts. Seems that there will be a major announcements at this year's EVE fanfest regarding a new game (??) WebWars: EVE. The developer is Texas based John Galt Games. That's about all the information I have except this article that I uncovered. The post is from Trey Ratcliff's blog, Stuck in Customs, which mentions an interview in the Financial Times about the capitalistic inner workings of EVE
If anyone has more info, I'd love to know!


Alasseo said...

I have not the faintest. Anyone can do flashy launch sites, though, and if you look, John Galt games has yet to actually release anything..

Anonymous said...

I'd love a game based on EVE. It's got some pretty awesome back story to base a game on. Personally I'd love to play through the Gallente - Caldari war.

CrazyKinux said...

Now that would be interesting indeed.