Thursday, November 01, 2007

CrazyKinux's Musing - Looking back at October 2007

With October behind us and less than two months before Christmas, it's time again for another monthly rap-up. Let's take a look at the stats first:
  • 15 posts
  • 14,211 page views
  • 9,105 visitors
  • 1,337 returning visitors
Apart from the low post count which was a result of a week vacationing in Cancun, and a few days last week in Atlanta on business, the rest of the stats are pretty encouraging. Were almost at the 10,000 visitors a month mark, and just shy also of the 15,000 monthly page views. We're getting good traffic that's for sure!

Other major milestones for the month include:
  • Achieving the 50,000 page views mark since the launch of this site
  • And the 60,000 mark later that same month
  • Getting to a 30 Authority rating with Technorati
  • Going from a PageRank of 3 to a 5 with Google's ranking overhaul
  • Passing under the 500,000 mark on Alexa's ranking system
Over all, I'm happy with the October results, though I wished I had posted a bit more. With no business trip or vacation planned this month, I should be more regular and prolific over the next 30 days. If not, you're welcome to remind me!

For those who visit on a regular basis, you may have noticed that the site went for a 2 column template to a 3. I made these changes in order to allow the site to load faster, since by spreading links and other components over 2 columns instead of one, I was able to shorten the home page length, and reduce the number of posts on the page. Which should make for faster loading times; that's the idea anyway. On the top right sidebar, I've got a poll running; feel free to let me know what you think of the new look!

As for EVE, lots has happened also this month. I left Phoenix Propulsion labs (again), move back into Empire space, to establish a new one-man (for the time being) corporation. Mazouk Mercantile Corporation was established in Caldari space near the Gallente border. My goal over the next few months will be to continue training my Trade skills, establish a good standing with Trade agents, then find profitable trade routes. I'm really excited about this and look forward to sharing the experience with you!

So here's to a new month, a new corp, and a new adventure beginning. November is looking to be an interesting month!

Fly safe!

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