Monday, November 05, 2007

EVE TV's Live Broadcast of the EVE Fanfest 2007

For thoses of us who could not make it to this year's fanfest, EVE TV had a special gift for us. This past Saturday, at 1200GMT, EVE TV started broadcasting Live from Reykjavik. Though family responsibilities prevented me from watching the broadcast from start to finish, I was able to sit through most of Nathan's (aka Oveur) presentation and managed to see Hilmar's full presentation.

The first impression I got from viewing the broadcast was a sense of belonging, a strange sensation that though Iceland lay an ocean away, somehow through the magic of modern communication part of me was there. Call it virtual eyeballs or whatever, but I felt a touch of the excitement of my fellow EVE citizens.

Thank you EVE TV for gave us the opportunity to witness all the exciting news as it was divulged to the fanfesters (is that a word?). Speaking of which, I do recall that spiralJunkie mentioned that the clips and broadcast would be available next Saturday. So for those that missed the entire show, or for those like me that missed a few, we'll get our chance to relive the magic (ok, enough of this pixel dust sensitivity!).

I thought I'd share with my notes which I jotted down while listening to the broadcast.

Nathan's Presentation:
  • Trinity Upgrade represents 50 man-years Ambulation - decadently gorgeous
  • Planets - nowhere near
  • Ambulation, but it'll be kick ass
  • Bloopers - especially those of Nathan, were funny as hell
Hilmar's Presentation:
  • Spoke about the growth of CCP and player base
  • iEVE – Transgaming President, Vikas Gupta’s presentation
  • Ambulation – drop dead gorgeous
  • CCP working with IBM and Microsoft to build Europe biggest supercomputer by mid-2008
  • Council of Stellar Management – a council of players
This doesn’t give justice to the fun I had watching these two, but it still is fun stuff to know. So make sure you take the time to watch when EVE TV releases them – hopefully by next week-end, as promised!

Fly safely!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was also the one who had no chance to go to fanfest, but had spent all Saturday watching broadcasting on EVE TV. I totally agree with everything you had said before deciding to stop "pixel dust sensitivity" :)

CrazyKinux said...

A man's got to stay neutral at some point, or else he gets called a fanboy. And I'm this close to getting that moniker!