Monday, November 19, 2007

EVE Online Newsletter Volume 15 is out

And boy is this one full of juicy details.

All of it covers information that was shared at the EVE Fan Fest, which 99.5% of the EVE player base did not get to see live (only a thousand attend the fan fest!).

Thankfully, CCP have put together a Trinity sub-section on the EVE Online site, just as they had done for Revelations II. It contains a ton of stuff, from features list, to screenshots, to wallpapers (updated mine to this one), to 4 must see interviews that we got a chance to see during Fan Fest. I say we, because I was able to view them through the EVE TV broadcast. But, now you can view them in high quality over and over and over.

Oh, Trinity, how I look forward to running you for the first time!

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