Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EVE Online Speedlinking for June 17th, 2008

Wow, was May 26th the last time I did a speedlinking post? Time flies while you're having fun I guess.

Before I go any further, please make sure to download Firefox as today is world-record-setting-day for the little red beasty.

So, what's been happening over the past 3 weeks, that's caught my attention? Lots! Too much actually to list it all. A lot of Empyrean Age articles have been posted in the blogosphere and all over gaming news. Just as I write this, the first Gallente system has fallen to the Caldari Militia ushering the beginning of more intense fighting.

Before it got released though, the guys at Warp Drive Active had a great interview with CCP ZuluPark on it. They explore the various design behind it and it's a very interesting episode to listen too.

Lots of EVE bloggers have been posting about Empyrean Age also, and it's provided a bit of information for players (like me) who haven't had a chance to jump in yet. Van Hemlock's The Distrust of Recruits... & The Path of Acceptance... are a must read. There's also Nuyan who share's his impression of it so far. It's even brought back some players who had veered off the true path. My fellow bloggers at Massively.com have been busy publishing a plethora of articles on Empyrean Age - well done guys! Finally, CCP was kind enough to provide us with IGB compatible guides: a Factional Warfare Player Guide and Knowledge Base.

In other news still related to Empyrean Age, we learn a bit more about Tony Gonzales' upcoming novel when he discusses it with the guys over at TenTonHammer. I've got that one pre-ordered (Amazon Stores: USA, CDN and UK) since the end of the last ice age, and promise to let you know about it when I've got it in my hands.

For my British readers, CCP's very own Vice President of Business Development, Thor Gunnarsson, will be a speaker at this year's GameHorizon Conference, in Newcastle. The event starts tomorrow and ends Thursday. If anyone reading this is attending, we'd love to know more about his presentation! Speaking of conferences, Noah Ward, CCP's Lead Designer will be a speaker at the Develop Conference and Expo in Brighton in late July. Any details would be appreciated also.

Also for my British buddies (Urban, Zapatero, Godlesswanderer and many more), the Gaming Radio Network will have a party in early August to celebrate EVE Radio's 5th Anniversary. Here's one party I'm really devastated to miss. Please take some pictures and send them to me!!

The always entertaining Nathan Richardsson (aka Oveur) gave an interview with Gamasutra's Mathew Kumar in which he talks about the current state of EVE, how it compares to other MMOs (in particular WoW), and other matters, including getting more women into the game!

It's been a while since we got some news on the behind-the-scenes-technical-aspect of EVE, but I did come across this news piece about how CCP will use Cisco hardware to speed up the access to information that resides on the EVE-Online website. Seems they're gearing-up for a population increase!

In other news:
Last not not least, I wanted to thank Joe and Paul for having me as a guest on their Aeropodcast #36, which just became available over at Aeropause. Paul had very kind words for The Drone Bay and my fellow co-hosts Crovan and Alsedrech. Hopefully I've done a good job at representing the team.

Thanks again guys for the opportunity!


mbp said...

Hi there CK. Just a word of thanks for what has to be one of the most informative sources in the Eve blogo-sphere.

I have really only stuck my toe in the waters of EVE and I doubt I will have the time or the patience to get more fully involved but nevertheless I am enjoying learning what I can about the world of EVE.

CrazyKinux said...

Hey mate, glad I can help out! The game is complex and limitless so if I can someone, that makes my day!

Fly safe!

Bri said...

cool stuff! i lol'd at the guy who couldn't get through the tutorials, even though i had been through the same stage of apathy before. now i play mainly for the social aspect (ok, pvp as well) of the game...