Friday, June 06, 2008

The Drone Bay: Episode 12 - The Drone Menace

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Show notes:

Episode 12 - The Drone Menace.

Bring on the Drones:

In this episode, the EVE triumvirate becomes a duo as Crovan wanders the Nipponese countryside looking to see if the Joves are hiding in the land of the rising sun. Al vents off some of his frustration with his work and CK enjoys the benefits of Vitamin D – not the Flintstones kind!

This week, the guys decide to take a break from Don’t Panic, as it just isn’t the same without Crovan.

Al and CK discuss their wants, wishes and apprehension about Empyrean Age. This episode being the first of a two-part conversation, with the second part coming up next week, once E/A has been released. Al officially trademarks "The Empyrean Age: Don't fly stuff that you can't afford to lose" and opens talks with CCP for bragging rights and royalties.

CK drools over the Clear Skies video and pimps both Warp Drive Active podcast #38 and WDA:Industry podcast #6. Good jobs guys!

They boyz review some listeners mail and go "googoo gaga" all over again for EVEMon and the Battle Clinic Loadouts.

In Tool Time, CK reviews EVE Strategic Maps and explains how he never leaves home without it. Al promises to get his copy.

This time around AlienHand's The Shield is used as the music bed and Al fights with Audacity to get the editing and sound level just right. You decide who wins!

As always, your comments, emails, praises and insults are more than welcome. Though the later might not get you mentioned on the show, ever!

Fly Safe or die trying!

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Lukas said...

A much better choice in music.

And I too want to hear from a veteran about how to beat a Nano Gang.