Friday, December 05, 2008

EVE Online Speedlinking for December 5th, 2008

I'll be honest, this week I'm a tad more focused on RL, than on EVE. Despite this, and having gone through the EVE Blogsphere articles, I have to say the activity is not subsiding at all, and I'm quite happy to share the links below.

Also, this week we've got 8 new blogs added to the EVE Blogroll, for a grand total of 134. Now, I do know that I promised a clean-up of the list, which may, or may not reduce the total amount. At the very least you may see a few "Out of Date" or "No longer Active" appear next to some blogs. I'm on it, like Obama on Change!

New Blogs:

From CCP Games Dev Blogs:

Massively & EVE Online News:


EVE Blogosphere:

Only 3 week-ends before Xmas!!


Anonymous said...

CK - you are the grand master of the Blogosphere and indeed, you bring together all of us together. Thanks for the new links and for including my latest post; it's the EVE Blog Banter #2 but I was a wee bit slower than all the others!

Next time, I will make the deadline.


CrazyKinux said...

@couzin2000 - I made the changes to the blogroll and the post above. Thanks for the notice!

@FlashFresh - Glad to link to it. And remember next time, you have a full week to send in the link to your banter from the publish date!

Hallan Turrek said...

Thanks for linking me again. It appears the link for me merged into the previous line though.

CrazyKinux said...

Made the correction Hallan. Thanks for letting me know!

Jedziah said...

Many thanks for the speedlink CK! Looking forward to the next instalment of the podcast.