Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Video: The Evolution of Technology

A new year, a new series. In trying to get back to a regular schedule, I've thought to introduce a new post series, The Friday Video series. I'll also re-introduce the EVE Postcard, and will try to have it posted on the week-ends.

The video below is for the German site and has some very interesting beasties. If anyone speaks German out there, and can help translate what's being said at the end, I'd really appreciate.

Make sure to watch the HD version to really appreciate it!


Timbo said...

the process of selection (as in natural selection) was hard, but now its here: the bes technology of all times, mercilessly affordable. saturn: we hate expansive.

cheers from germany :)

Bahamut said...

Great series idea. I'll go through my YouTube faves and email you some interesting ones.