Tuesday, January 27, 2009

War Has Come to EVE - A fanmade video

Sometimes, more often then we'd think, fans make amazing videos. The one below was recently uploaded by KyokoSakoda on to his YouTube account. I just love finding and sharing these little gems, though in this case, this one was unearthed by my mate Ned at CCP. Enjoy!


Balsov Brass said...

Very nice catch on the video. I've had to take some time off to move the household to the farm, so I've not been in-game in about two weeks. This video is making me "jones" for the game even more. Maybe I'll log in a run a few Republic Fleet missions just to dust the Rifter off a bit.

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed, I love the way the capture the small frigates in Top Gun style.

Bahamut said...

The Track is "All Along the Watchtower", which was name for the new BSG series.

I love this vid. It's been on my HDD for a while now.

free games said...

Looks great, it really is an inspired piece of work.

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