Thursday, January 29, 2009

EON #014 - Table of Content

I finally got my issue of EON sometime last week. I say finally because I'd been waiting for it patiently for quite sometime now, seeing through Twitter that for others, the wait was over.

I'm always a little impatient once I know the the latest issue has been mailed and that it's only a question of time before I can get my print-fix of EVE. Those one or two weeks before I see that white plastic envelope in my mailbox are almost heart breaking though. I kid you not!

But this was even more so for this 14th issue, since I had written the Fanfest article, and just couldn't wait to see how it had turned out, once Zapatero had sprinkled some of that magic pixie dust with his flashy editing! It is my opinion that I did not wait in vain, and the whole issue turned out amazing!

This issue has seen some great contribution from some of the members of the EVE Blog Pack: Zapatero, Flashfresh, Karox Lominax, Winterblink and I. Good work guys!

I'm still going through the issue at this moment, and will likely read the Chronicles last, as I like to take them in nice and slow. A quiet evening once all are off to bed, a glass of port or Grand Marnier, and a few hours to dive into EVE fiction! Gives me goose bumps!

Table of Content - EON 014
  • Page 6 --- E-ON Upfront (News)
  • 12 ----EVE Quarterly Report
  • 14 ---- E-ON Awards 2009 - The Nominees <-- And I'm in a few categories!!!
  • 16 ---- Postcards from the Edge (Screen shots)
  • 18 ---- In Crowd: Ludvik Kalmar Vidisson
  • 21 ---- In Character: Tornsoul
  • 22 ---- Alliance Profile: Atlas Alliance
  • 24 ---- Chronicle: Body Language, by David Alexander Corno
  • 30 ---- The Party at the Top of the World <-- My Fanfest article!!
  • 37 ---- In Character: Archbishop
  • 38 ---- Band from the Game: The Roxxor Story
  • 44 ---- Alliance Profile: Ivy League
  • 46 ---- Chronicles: According to Plan, by Christopher Haber
  • 48 ---- In Character: Azia Burgi
  • 50 ---- Cover Feature: Modular Ships
  • 56 ---- Exploration: Into the Unknown
  • 60 ---- Alliance Profile: Band of Brothers
  • 62 ---- Testflight: Logistics Support Cruisers
  • 70 ---- In Crowd: Hjalti Danielsson
  • 72 ---- Insider's Guide: Combat Boosters
  • 74 ---- Insider's Guide: Production - Part 1
  • 80 ---- EVE Directory, by my friend Flashfresh
  • 82 ---- Teh Funnies (EVE Humour)


Anonymous said...

Gratz on your article bro It really was very good. As for the nominations I cannot but hope that you win in more than 1 category.

Anonymous said...

I just received my copy today, and am looking forward to reading your FanFest coverage :-) In fact right now, while I wait for our pizza to arrive, might be a very good time for some reading...!

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks guys! Let me know what you thought of the article @rishal!

Anonymous said...

Mine took forever to arrive as well. Was worth the wait though ;).