Thursday, March 26, 2009

Allow me the privilege of flattering my ego!

Similar to the above Iteron warping home to some distant orbital station somewhere with the vast universe of New Eden, I find myself warping home to this blog. Full of ideas and renewal. I've got contest results to give a away (remember this?), new posts to write, new ideas to explore, new lists to revisit, and 500 millions ISK to give away. That's right, half-a-billion ISK to give out.

But before we get there, allow me to indulge in some grand delusional scheme that will see my ego grow to the size of the Stay Puft Marshmollow man, before imploding to its normal, above-average standard!

I love stats. I, like many bloggers out there, love to go over this blogs statistics: number of visitors, where they came from, how long did they stay over, where 'd they end up after passing by, as well as what keywords they used to get here. But of all these stats, the one I have the most fun reviewing are the keywords. So lets take a look at the top 20 keywords that get people here, of the last 2000 visits.
    1. eve online blog
    2. eve online screenshot
    3. eve online podcast
    4. eve online guides
    5. eve online corporations
    6. eve blog pack
    7. crazykinux
    8. eve blog
    9. eve online blogs
    10. eve mini client
    11. eve podcast
    12. capsuleer
    13. myrmidon setup
    14. crazy kinux
    15. capsuleer iphone
    16. eve blogs
    17. eve online iphone
    18. eve overview
    19. eve myrmidon
    20. eve online tortuga
    What's interesting is that in some cases, the link to this blog doesn't appear on the first page but on the 2nd or 3rd, and in some cases as far as the 5th. Yet they get here! Other interesting findings: Myrmidon is the only ship within the top 20, appearing twice, as does capsuleer, crazykinux, podcast, blog(s) and iphone. Finally, the only video making that list is Tortuga. Not surprising considering the quality ofthe video.

    OK, well that's enough self centeredness for one day, now I'm off putting together another post so that this one isn't the latest post for too long!


                                          Spectre said...

                                          Google Analytics does get ridiculously addictive. Have you ever checked out the map where you can zoom in on any country and then see the town/city and how many hits have come from those places? You never realize how many people from Tanzania, Argentina and Bulgaria are visiting your blog till you take a glance there. It is really kind of neat.

                                          CrazyKinux said...

                                          For me it's seeing that they search for "crazykinux" or "crazy kinux" that really freaks me out!

                                          Anonymous said...

                                          People seem to get to my blog a lot via searching Myrmidon too. I'm not sure what it is about it but people seem to love it.

                                          CrazyKinux said...

                                          @Godlesswanderer - She's a beauty alright!